Checklist: VPN vs. Remote Access Software

Explore critical insights on securing remote access in our whitepaper. Delve into the nuances of common VPN vulnerabilities, guiding you through essential considerations to fortify your network. Gain a comprehensive checklist for informed decision-making, ensuring resilient defense against evolving cyber threats. Download now to optimize your remote access strategy and safeguard your organization's digital infrastructure.

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Does A VPN Provide The Security You Need?

Whether it’s used to let employees work remotely or to set up site-to-site connections between offices, most companies use a virtual private network (VPN). 

However, VPNs have become prime targets for hackers. Even if your company has excellent security, a single flaw can allow an attacker to bypass the defenses and wreak havoc. 

Download our checklist, VPN vs Remote Access Software: A Checklist for Keeping Your Network Secure, where we'll help you determine whether a VPN is the best solution for remote connections, or if you need a more secure approach.  

We will discuss some common concerns around VPN vulnerabilities, like:

  • It’s complicated to administer, protect, and set policies for your VPN architecture.
  • You need to access devices that are isolated or kept off the network.
  • Your IT team needs to support remote workers on shared or open networks.
  • Sometimes you want to limit vendor access to a specific application or device.

And provide a secure alternative to help mitigate those concerns with remote access software.

Download the Checklist