White Paper: Retail ROI - How to Calculate the Value of Remote Access

Download this workbook to determine the ROI of remote access, based on benchmarking data from conversations with Toshiba and the top national and international retailers we work with.

Retail ROI Workbook Cover

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People often think of retail modernization in terms of ecommerce. But the biggest innovations often begin at brick & mortar stores.  

Retailers of all sizes use technology behind the scenes to improve business agility — including remote access software. Now, Impero has developed a workbook that will help you put a hard number on the value of this tool. 

What you'll learn

We'll cover all the details you need to calculate the ROI of remote access software at your business, including:

  • Shortening PoS device fix times
  • Reducing on-site service calls
  • Mitigating security and compliance risks
  • Increasing teller and help desk efficiency
  • Driving business agility

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