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Impero EdLink is the answer to schools’ mobile device management (MDM) needs. Designed specifically for the education sector, Impero EdLink supports BYOD and 1:1 initiatives while simplifying the centralized configuration and management of mobile devices.

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Cross-platform tools for effective mobile device management in schools

As schools and districts continue to adopt numerous electronic devices to enhance digital learning, they are also faced with the challenging task of managing them. Using Impero Edlink, schools can support digital learning across student-owned and school-owned mobile devices by managing access to content and enabling/disabling settings, as per a school or district’s requirements and acceptable use policies.

A flexible education-specific solution, Impero EdLink simplifies and centralizes the configuration and management of mobile devices for technical teams, while ensuring teaching staff and administration have access to comprehensive classroom controls to keep students focused and protected when using mobile devices. This centralized approach to MDM serves to keep students protected from the myriad risks of working online when using mobile devices to enable learning.

Key Features

Time & geolocation management

Allowing schools to control device applications and settings, based on location, with intelligent SSID, GPS and Beacon technologies. Geolocation tech notifies when a device enters or leaves the geofence and helps to quickly locate and recover lost or stolen devices.

Provisioning & controls

Managing access to applications and content as per the school’s acceptable use policies (AUPs). Set up flexible controls based on time, user, year groups, or device location, ensuring only age-appropriate content can be accessed.

Granular reporting and analytics

Delivering granular reports on online activity and device usage, including the ability to view data (such as device history or non-syncing devices) via a real-time dashboard. Advanced data filtering and configured filters provides in-depth insight.

Multi-school dashboard

Providing a single view of schools within a school district to offer centralized profile management. Cascading granular control with delegated privileges ensures that control cannot be overridden at a school level.

Multiple enrolment options

Delivering bulk enrolment through Apple (ASM), Google (GSuite) and Android (EMM) empowers students to enrol through QR codes or URLs. Automatically link users to a device upon an initial login, with a simple school transfer option if required.

Offsite filtering & parental controls

Supporting home learning and protecting students by filtering activity wherever the device is located, including when students have taken devices offsite, giving schools and parents assurance that inappropriate content cannot be accessed.

Control device settings

Installing or updating applications on all devices in bulk saves valuable time. Centrally control which applications can be used on the device when in or out of school. Change the configuration of devices easily, such as enforcing safe search, keeping you in control.

Associate devices with users

Simplifying reporting by associating devices with user accounts (making it easier to identify who’s who) and viewing data in a real-time dashboard. See other useful information, including device/user location history, and notifications of user activity.

Create application catalogs

Creating a catalog of applications, books and media, which students can download to their device when required. Provide a broad range of resources for students while minimizing the impact on device storage space.

The benefits

Support BYOD and 1:1 initiatives

Enable monitoring and management of both school-owned and home-owned devices used in school, with the access and configuration allowed by the school network.

Simplify MDM

Centralize the configuration and management of mobile devices, and enable zero-touch deployment, making them simpler to set up, control and update, even across platforms.

Keep students safe

Protect students from the risks of mobile learning by controlling access to applications and online content via comprehensive privacy controls.

Track device location

Track the physical location of a device with location-aware profiles, to help with asset management, loss or theft recovery and device mix ups.

Enhance mobile learning

Monitor and manage mobile devices across the school site, with access to real-time updates on the status of devices, to facilitate an efficient mobile learning environment.

Meet education requirements

Designed specifically for the sector, Impero EdLink’s features and special pricing have been developed with education in mind.

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