Impero Software Launches Fully Integrated, Scalable Classroom Management Platform

Education Tool Provides Insights and Controls to Keep Students Focused and on-Track for Hybrid Learning in School Districts of All Sizes

PORTLAND, Ore., April 04, 2022 — Impero Software, a leading provider of online student safety, classroom management and secure remote access software, today announced the launch of its holistic, scalable classroom management software, “Impero Classroom.”

Designed to put control back in teachers’ hands amid a daunting learning gap and myriad challenges presented by hybrid classrooms, Impero Classroom provides a robust set of tools that allow educators to keep students on-task, monitor the classroom and close gaps between in-person and digital learners.

“Whether it’s a school district that has 100 students or 100,000, Impero Classroom empowers educators with the ability to see and control student devices and ensure no children are falling behind or being distracted,” said Justin Reilly, CEO of Impero Software. “This technology marks a paradigm shift for teachers, especially those in large districts, who are managing the ongoing transition into an educational landscape that includes both remote and in-person learning.”

Key features of Impero Classroom include:

  • Active classroom monitoring to help ensure students – either in the classroom or at home – are staying on task.
  • Advanced browser controls that block students from inappropriate websites or lock them in to a pre-selected set of assignment-friendly sites chosen by the teacher.
  • Robust tools for peer-to-peer learning, allowing teachers or students to broadcast presentations across all classroom devices – with no compatibility issues.
  • One-size-fits-all compatibility, capable of seamlessly connecting across Chromebooks, Windows laptops, tablets and all other classroom devices.
  • Scalable, reliable software effective from as little as a single classroom to as large as an entire school district.
  • Flexible classroom controls suitable for single teachers, co-teachers, and environments where multiple staff members need to simultaneously monitor student device usage.

“Classroom management software of this caliber brings some much-needed backup for teachers who have been thrust into hybrid classroom structures flooded with devices in the wake of COVID-19,” Reilly said. “We’ve generally seen that students are excited about these products and want to use them – the trick, and what we’ve done with this software, is giving teachers the power to maximize the effectiveness of technology while maintaining control of the class.”

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Impero‘s technology has the power to help people learn, work and connect safely online. It increases communication and collaboration, engagement and productivity, in the classroom, corporate office or any remote environment.

Since 2002, Impero has worked with schools and organizations across the globe. In 2021, Impero acquired Netop, a market-leading classroom management and remote access software company. Today, Impero works directly with technical teams, school districts/MATs and Fortune 500 companies in more than 90 countries.