Impala Bidco Ltd – Q2 2023 Report

Impero ended H1, 2023 with bookings totalling £8M ACV and £11.9M TCV. Education sales in Q2 saw a continued trend of high growth in EMEA with a 41% increase in TCV, driven by the launch of the ContentKeeper Web Filter into this market. H1 FY23 trading revenue saw growth of 1% from £11.8M to £11.9M, with recurring revenue increasing £0.8M from £9.4M to £10.2M – a growth of 9%. Recurring revenue as a % of total trading revenue increased from 79% for H1 FY22 to 85% in H1 FY23. Adjusted EBITDA came in at £0.4M for H1 FY23. This is a decrease of £0.3M compared to H1 FY22, due to an increase in OpEx costs and an investment in the finance team, systems and processes.

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