White Paper: Beyond Filtering: How ContentKeeper Protects Students from Potentially Harmful Behavior

Behavioral Intent Alerting is included in Impero’s ContentKeeper comprehensive Reporting and Analytics solution. The
technology scrutinizes students’ Internet searches for indicators of potentially harmful behavior, then delivers real-time alerts to designated administrators so they can follow up as appropriate.


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Keeping students safe while they’re accessing the Internet from any school-issued device is important, but so is keeping them safe from physical harm.

Growing up can be a turbulent experience for students both socially and emotionally, and teens, in particular, face a number of potential threats to their well-being—from thoughts of suicide, to experimentation with drugs or alcohol, to bullying, sexual assault, or even gun violence.

These harmful behaviors not only disrupt learning; they can be life-threatening. Recognizing the warning signs enables school leaders to create a safer environment for their students—and technology from Impero’s ContentKeeper web filtering and reporting solution can help.