Fox Creek High School

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The Background

Fox Creek High School, a part of the South Carolina Public Charter School District, provides college-preparatory education in Edgefield, South Carolina. Fox Creek has been using Impero Education Pro since 2016. We spoke with the school’s Information Technology Specialist, Joseph Mark, about how our software has supported their classroom management needs.

The Requirements

Before Impero, Fox Creek High School used AB Tutor to manage devices in the classroom. However, this solution came with its limitations from an IT and classroom management perspective. AB Tutor did not allow teachers to take control of the classroom and redirect attention, or remotely monitor and restart machines for troubleshooting purposes. These deficiencies and the need for teachers to be able to send and receive files drove Fox Creek High School to look for a new solution. The school needed classroom management software that could go beyond basic classroom management features.

Our Approach

Having used Impero Education Pro in a previous role, the previous Technology Director at Fox Creek soon identified that AB Tutor was not as robust as Impero which drove his decision to purchase it for the school. He also had previous experience setting up Impero Education Pro easily at over 15 school sites. Using this prior knowledge, the software was set up and deployed in just an hour.

“Impero Education Pro streamlines my network by helping me assist our users with quick, easy remote support. Impero is excellent for remote screen sharing and computer management. I like that I can view our users’ systems with ease and work on their systems remotely if needed,” said Joseph Mark.


The Outcome

Using Impero for network, classroom and internet safety management has allowed Fox Creek’s IT department to make technology simpler and more useful for instructors and students.

“[Impero] can help [identify vulnerable students] with certain keywords that notify me if a student is doing something they should not be. This is helpful for student monitoring on the network and for classroom management. Our computer lab teachers are able to utilize the Impero console to view and monitor students in the classroom. They can also keep them on task with it as well,” he said.

With the keyword detection tool, notifications are triggered and delivered with a comprehensive and simple overview of worrisome captures, allowing for early detection of any inappropriate behavior or mental health concerns.

“Overall Impero is a great multipurpose tool for IT and classroom management in the school. It is a great support tool for me as an IT admin and an effective classroom monitoring/management tool for our computer lab teachers.”

Impero Education Pro improves efficiency by providing robust, effective and easy-to-use classroom management software empowered by a range of classroom control, instructional and monitoring tools.

To learn more about how Impero can empower your teachers and support your students, book a free demo here.

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