What is Computer Monitoring Software for Schools?

As a result of digital and technological growth, classroom monitoring software has become an essential tool for improving student engagement, productivity, security and wellbeing. Many…

As a result of digital and technological growth, classroom monitoring software has become an essential tool for improving student engagement, productivity, security and wellbeing. Many EdTech solutions allow districts to see and secure student digital activities and improve mental health and online behavior. 

Technology has come a long way, especially when it comes to keeping children safe. This is especially true for technology in the classroom, which can support districts’ overall security and protection of students. Classroom management software is now part of everyday school life and vital for student safety, engagement and learning focus 

Onsite classroom monitoring supports educators at the district and teacher level with the ability to see what is happening on all school devices and individual screens. More importantly, many products can provide real-time activity with screen captures. Premium solutions take it a step further and filter harmful sites with instant blocking abilities while creating a complete picture of a student’s physical and mental wellbeing. Teachers also benefit from utilizing the software to manage their classes and students’ learning journeys.  

The best computer monitoring software for schools will empower districts and teachers to: 

1. Eliminate Distractions 

Most teachers confirm that having the ability to eliminate distractions is one of the main goals for optimal classroom management. Computers bring great learning benefits, but they also bring temptation. Students still want to surf forbidden web pages, play games, and install applications. Most classroom solutions allow teachers to temporarily lock computers, block illegal sites and prevent installations. 

2. Take Control 

Control is a crucial element for successful classroom management. However, teachers tend to feel powerless teaching a group of students who are sitting behind computers. It’s difficult to see what they’re doing or how they’re behaving online.  

A good monitoring solution gives teachers a live view of all the classroom screens simultaneously. They can control when students use the computers and when it’s time to pay attention or complete an exercise.  

3. Personalize, Differentiate, Individualize 

A student’s capabilities, interests, talents and learning methods are different and require a personalized approach. Classroom monitoring software can help the teacher easily track each student’s progress. Depending on individual progress reports, a teacher might change how they lead the class. For example, they might offer additional assignments for students who have completed their work and extra time to assist the students who need it. 

4. Promote Good Digital Citizenship and Safeguarding 

Current monitoring solutions can take simple device monitoring further and offer insight into the student’s digital habits and state of mind. Being able to see how a student interacts online, such as negative comments or harmful searches, can be a wealth of information about that individual and their personal life. This information can help form a bigger picture. More investigative questions can begin to help prevent harm to that student and others around them.   

Proactive Strategies Using Classroom Monitoring Software for Schools 

Keeping students engaged and on track while keeping them safe is one of the biggest challenges teachers face in this new digital learning environment. Schools are expected to adopt viable and scalable solutions for the most effective classroom monitoring and safeguarding strategies.  

Understanding how students engage online is paramount for better, more proactive learning environments. However, classroom monitoring should go beyond just being able to see the searches and actions a student takes when using school devices. It should have extensive control, blocking abilities and granular reporting. 

Our classroom monitoring solutions can incorporate website and browser restriction functionality with wellbeing to keep teachers in control and students safe.  

Combining Impero Classroom with Impero Wellbeing will empower teachers with the ability to ignite their students’ potential. Our solutions enable a proactive learning approach with full device screen monitoring that can build a clear chronology of the individual student’s learning journey. 

Discover how Classroom and Wellbeing work together, and book a demo today. 

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