Webinar Recap: “Overcoming Retail Security Challenges in 2023” with Toshiba & Impero Connect

Last month, we hosted a webinar with our Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions partners. Barry Cox, Hardware Infrastructure Portfolio Manager at Toshiba, joined Pamela Judge, Impero’s…

Last month, we hosted a webinar with our Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions partners. Barry Cox, Hardware Infrastructure Portfolio Manager at Toshiba, joined Pamela Judge, Impero’s Marketing Director, for an insightful conversation on how retailers can keep their businesses secure this year.

This webinar was a chance to hear our expert speakers share insights and advice on security trends and to recap how our two solutions work hand in hand to secure complex retail environments.

You can watch a recording here or keep reading to see what you missed!

About Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

We are proud to partner with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, a top retail software provider. The company focuses on core POS products, distributed platforms and widgets that make up the retail systems customers use in their retail environments.

Toshiba offers its customers three main benefits:

  1. Enabling a broad set of use cases for products
  2. Offering the best availability possible
  3. Almost total customer ownership

Toshiba serves a diverse customer base, including convenience stores, to high-ticket groceries and fashion & apparel big names.

Challenges in the Retail Industry

We anticipate the following challenges to affect retailers in the coming year.

Cloud Services Pose New Security Risks

However, with its obvious advantages being scaling and increasing resilience, this move raises questions about security.

Staff Shortages and the Rising Costs of Labour Leave Companies Open to Risk

Companies will be looking for the same level of security and efficiency with fewer workers on staff, by leveraging the products and solutions they use. Hackers are aware that there will be fewer people looking after systems. Using a solution like Toshiba that embeds highly secure remote access like Impero Connect helps companies secure their environments.

Flexible Payment and Checkout Options Add Complexity

Both retailers and their customers benefit from flexibility in payment and checkout methods. However, with greater flexibility usually comes greater insecurity and with expectations rising, any solution will need security embedded from the get-go.


How Impero and Toshiba Work Together in Retail

Impero Connect and Toshiba work together in many ways to keep retailers secure and productive.


Using Impero Connect, technicians can see if a device is being used properly or in a brand-new manner, which can lead to downtime. In addition, by remotely monitoring how consumers use self-checkout devices in retail environments, Toshiba helps its customers maintain uptime and provide a good shopping experience to consumers.

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Uses Impero Internally for Development

The company moved in this direction because of COVID: “You couldn’t get people physically to a location, but we still had to operate and develop new apps. That makes us faster in many respects. Speed to market, that’s always key. It makes us more agile”.

Maintaining and Enhancing Operating Systems

For Toshiba, working with Impero Connect means ensuring confidentiality, availability and integrity of information is always there. Working in a balanced manner means having a secure OS that is highly usable and ensures relevant KPIs are correctly measured.


Want to learn more about how Toshiba and Impero work together? Watch the webinar on demand here


Recommendations for Retailers

Here are a few types of customers Toshiba serves in partnership with Impero Connect.

Customers Looking for Loss Prevention

Retailers today use lots of sensors to identify products being checked out. Equipment is complemented by camera technology. Identifying the right product at the self-checkout lane (“making sure a banana is scanned, and not a bottle of champagne”) is crucial for a company to avoid losses.

Customers Looking for Increased Troubleshooting Efficiency

Many retailers use remote connections to monitor issues on devices that are either semi-attended or unattended. The goal is to get any problem solved as quickly as possible. With devices spread apart geographically, having a secure remote access solution enables technicians to identify and fix issues rapidly.

Customers Requiring a High Level of Security

Impero can provide Toshiba with various customizable controls: video logging of all operations, reports on access to systems, and levels of administrative access. All these features ensure retailers keep their systems as secure as possible.


For the complete discussion & and in-depth insights, you can view the webinar on-demand



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