GDPR: TL;DR? The 5 Keys to Compliance You Need to Know

The GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, governs the way businesses process, move, and store the personal data of EU citizens. Organizations within the…

The GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, governs the way businesses process, move, and store the personal data of EU citizens. Organizations within the EU are affected of course, but any other global organizations that process data of EU citizens must comply with the GDPR as well.

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If you’re wondering what exactly do we mean by “processing data,” you can find the full definition in our Essential Guide to GDPR Compliant Remote Access. But if your organization uses remote control software, it is by definition processing personal data and therefore falls within the scope of the Regulation. To prepare your remote control solution for the GDPR, you’ll need to understand these 5 Keys to GDPR Compliance.


5 Keys to GDPR Compliance

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1 – Why Personal Data is Processed

When determining why personal data is processed, the GDPR mandates extensive documentation. Documentation must follow the principles of transparency when facing data subjects or the overall public, and accountability (must prove that policies and procedures are followed).

2 – When Personal Data is Processed

Depending on your industry, your organization may be processing personal data thousands of times per day. With remote control software, data is processed essentially whenever the tool is used: while navigating the graphical user interface, within configuration files & settings, during the transmission of data, and whenever log files or audit records are generated.

3 – The Impact of the Processing

Processing personal data poses inherent risks, especially to the subjects of that personal data. Riskier still is processing that data remotely, so you’ll need to assess the controls and procedures of your remote access tool.

4 – Consent to Process

To comply with the GDPR, consent must be informed, freely given and documented. Organizations will need to present their rationale for using remote control and choose a tool that provides clear notifications with options for capturing and documenting the consent of data subjects.

5 – How Data is Processed

The GDPR lays out recommendations and requirements for how personal data should be processed. Key elements include data minimization, data security, data breach notification, and the right to be forgotten (all explained in our guide).


Compliance with the GDPR is critical, and the deadine is rapidly approaching. Failure to comply could result in paying millions of dollars in fines, penalties, and compensation to individuals– not to mention taking a serious hit to your company’s reputation.

But when it comes to getting your remote control software ready for the Regulation, Impero Connect is here to help. Download our Essential Guide to GDPR Compliant Remote Access to understand the full scope of the Regulation and take a closer look at the 5 Keys to Compliance as they pertain to remote access.



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