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There’s a point where small business owners have an important choice to make. Sometimes it’s after many years of being in business, sometimes it happens…

There’s a point where small business owners have an important choice to make. Sometimes it’s after many years of being in business, sometimes it happens early on. It’s the moment where you have to decide between surviving small, or pushing through to new levels of productivity and profit.

We know that it’s not just a single decision. Choices ranging from the miniscule to the seemingly insurmountable pop up again and again during a business’ “growth spurt.” Should you invest in a new employee to handle accounts payable instead of doing it yourself? Should you stop contracting out your web development and redesigns and hire someone to manage your site full-time?

If small business owners make smart decisions along the pathway to long term growth, their investments will seriously pay off in the long run. If you’re really ready to invest in the future of your business, then it’s time to switch to the best TeamViewer alternative in market.

Why pay for a remote access solution that has a well-documented history of security breaches? Why pay more for something that, especially as your business grows, might expose you and your employees to malicious software? Impero offers an alternative to TeamViewer that was founded on security and has all the tools necessary to support your growing business.

Scalable Security

When it comes to running a business, nothing is more important than security. As we move further and further into the digital age, security has taken on a new meaning, as have security breaches. Security doesn’t just refer to physical locks on doors anymore, but the importance of having good security that you can rely on has stayed the same.

It’s paramount that your business’ most precious resources (your data) are only ever accessed by employees and approved users. And since TeamViewer has a history of unreliable security, it’s important to switch to a TeamViewer alternative as you think about scaling up your business.

In one instance, the Hungarian National Security Authority uncovered a widespread malicious attack that was carried out through vulnerabilities in TeamViewer. According to the report, “A distinct feature of the attack is the abuse of the legitimate TeamViewer remote access tool.”

Attackers were able to take advantage of the weak security protocols within TeamViewer’s software to modify the installed app’s behavior. Once TeamViewer had been successfully hijacked, the attackers were able to, “obtain remote access to the victim computers in real-time.”

What’s worse is that, due to the nature of remote access software, the attackers were able to install additional software to gather important information, files, and other data from the compromised device as well as being able to remotely observe the victims’ actions on the infected computers. (To read more about how attackers used TeamViewer to carry out the attack, checkout this Digital Trends article.)

Data security must be taken seriously. Given the pervasive nature of the above attacks carried out through TeamViewer’s remote access software, it’s apparent that business owners who value their data security should seek out a TeamViewer alternative.

Take a look at Impero’s built-in security features below to learn why Impero is the most secure TeamViewer alternative in market. The features come built into every installation of Impero’s remote access software.

On-Premise or Single-Tenant Cloud Deployment

Depending on what is going to work best for your growing business, Impero offers an alternative to TeamViewer with flexible and secure deployments. We make sure all of your data and each remote session will be private, secure, and isolated from other organizations.

Closed User Group Licensing and Secure Deployment Packages

At Impero, we use proprietary user group licensing technology to lock out anyone who hasn’t been granted specific access to your data and network. Impero’s TeamViewer alternative ensures that bad actors can’t connect to your systems through your remote access solution.

Advanced Role-Based Security Policies

The best way to make sure that only approved users and groups have access via your remote access client is through ironclad user security policies. Our TeamViewer alternative not only provides granular access for assigning permissions based on users, groups, devices, and more – it makes user management easy by consolidating everything into a single, easy-to-use portal.

Superior Authentication Options

At Impero, we know that implementing new software systems can be daunting. It’s wildly inefficient to expect a company to set aside important business for days while a new system gets integrated to existing directories and workflows. That’s why our TeamViewer alternative automatically integrates with a variety of different authentication methods, including:

  • RADIUS integration
  • Active Directory
  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Azure AD
  • LDAP

Application Whitelisting

There are lots of different remote access scenarios, and we know that depending on the user and remote task at hand, you might not want to provide system level permissions and access. With Impero’s TeamViewer alternative you can restrict access all the way down to a single application, ensuring a secure and effective remote access session.

Time and Location Based Security Policies

With Impero you can even restrict access and permission based on the time and a user’s device location. Bad actors often try to strike when fewer people are online, so they can avoid detection. You can set up Impero’s TeamViewer alternative to only allow remote access in during predetermined hours of the day and from approved locations or IP addresses.

Confirm Access Settings

One of the biggest security vulnerabilities that remote access solutions like TeamViewer are susceptible to is automatic access. With Impero’s TeamViewer alternative, you can require that incoming remote access requests must be approved by the end user before the session can start.

Adaptable Efficiency

As your small business starts to grow, it’s difficult to find solutions that will fit your current resources and also can scale with you as you grow. You are going to want to make smart investments in tools that can increase your business’ efficiency at both current and future productivity levels.

Truly scalable efficiency is where Impero outpaces any other TeamViewer alternative. Impero was built as a flexible and adaptable tool – so whether you’re managing a small group of computers on your own, or you’re managing a team of technicians responsible for hundreds of thousands of devices, the efficiencies offered by Impero reach far beyond what TeamViewer can provide.

On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Hosting

As you grow, Impero will grow with you. We provide an alternative to TeamViewer that can be deployed anywhere from small, local installations up through large installs that combine multiple networks and LAN segments. Impero’s proprietary gateway module ensures you have a secure connection between different networks, network segments, and VLANs.

Support for Legacy Tech

At Impero, we maintain a deep technology catalogue in order to support a wide variety of legacy devices and technologies. We know that as you start to grow your business, you will have to make decisions about where to make investments into your future – and upgrading old, working equipment isn’t always going to be top priority. That’s why we offer a TeamViewer alternative with support for your legacy equipment so you can upgrade your tech on a schedule that makes sense for your growing business.

Advanced Scripting

One of the best ways to increase efficiency is to automate routine tasks. Impero lets you automate repetitive remote access tasks with custom scripts built directly into our TeamViewer alternative. You can distribute and collect files, start and stop programs, and minimize daily workloads by automating remote session-based activities.

The Only TeamViewer Alternative That’s Right for Your Growing Business

As any business starts to grow, business owners are faced with lots of difficult decisions related to investing in the future of their company. It’s these decisions that will pave the road to future success. The way a business navigates this vital time will determine whether that road is smooth or rough.

When it comes to your remote access solution, at least the decision is easy. You want to invest in a TeamViewer alternative in 2022 that has always put security first, offers best-in-market security features that scale with you as you grow, and will increase efficiency every step along the way. By our estimation, when it comes to your business’ growth, Impero’s remote support solution is the only TeamViewer alternative.

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