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Teachers arguably have one of the most important jobs in the world: educating our children, preparing them to become future leaders of tomorrow. Teaching is…

Teachers arguably have one of the most important jobs in the world: educating our children, preparing them to become future leaders of tomorrow. Teaching is often referred to as a rewarding but challenging profession. These challenges are causing teachers to leave the school system at an alarming rate. Thus, teacher retention is a top priority for education administrators. The education of children is being negatively impacted by significant teacher turnover. Here are three strategies that can be used to retain teachers:


A recent survey conducted by EmpowerEd found that teachers value a flexible schedule more than higher pay when deciding whether to keep their role at their school. Forbes stated that schools implementing blended or hybrid learning environments, can provide teachers the flexibility they are requesting. Our Google Classroom integration provides the ability to have a flexible learning environment by providing a platform blended, hybrid, synchronous and asynchronous learning.

School-based supports

A school environment plays a big role in how teachers feel about coming to work everyday. If teachers feel that their voices aren’t being heard, and they are not supported, they no longer feel comfortable teaching in that school.  66% of teachers in the U.S. feel the teacher profession is undervalued and unappreciated. What kinds of support are you providing at your school?  Are teachers getting regular one on ones with administration?  How does the schedule make time for teacher collaboration?  Finally, how do you celebrate and recognize teachers?

Classroom Tools

Growing class sizes require better classroom management tools. Once teachers are provided with tools to manage a classroom, they are given an opportunity to seamlessly carry out instruction and feel a sense of accomplishment. Impero Classroom is a cloud-based solution that gives teachers the power to effectively use technology to maintain control of the class. Classroom is the only classroom management solution that can be used across a mixed device environment, which reduces the number of apps that IT has to manage.

Classroom features and benefits include:

  • See every student screen: Identify off task students at glance or zoom in on any student for more detail
  • Send a message: Reach out to any student to provide discreet assistance or to redirect behavior
  • Send a website: Want to direct some or all students to a particular website? Do it instantly from your screen and save valuable teaching time
  • View tabs and close them: Redirect students by closing inappropriate tabs
  • Choose which websites are allowed: Limit students to just the sites you choose
  • Block Websites: Stop distractions instantly
  • Apply actions to just the students you choose: Use Classroom to create a custom experience for any student or a group of students

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