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RDP Alternative Security

Why the need for an RDP alternative?

Microsoft's remote desktop protocol (RDP) is widely used to access systems over local area networks, but the security is insufficient when you need to access critical network infrastructure or sensitive data.

Improve your security

Using Microsoft's remote desktop protocol is a security risk you can avoid. Switch to Impero Connect when accessing secure devices and data, and keep your business safe and compliant.

When communicating outside of your LAN, Impero uses outbound, encrypted traffic from both endpoints to create a connection, letting you close inbound ports and harden your network perimeter.

Impero Connect sessions can be encrypted end-to-end with 256-bit AES encryption

Set a maximum number of invalid password attempts to prevent brute force attacks.

Restrict access to remote systems by creating lists of approved MAC addresses, IP addresses, or IP ranges

Impero's role-based security technology goes a step further, giving you granular access to single users in and outside of your network.

When remotely accessing an attended device, allow the end-user to accept or decline the incoming request for a remote session.

Impero's remote support software comes standard with the ability to automatically integrate with a variety of common authentication methods, including:

  • RADIUS integration
  • Active Directory
  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Azure AD
  • LDAP

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