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Record, manage and track student mental health and safety concerns anytime, anywhere and at zero cost with Impero back:drop.

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Free forever, cloud-based student safety solution.

Impero back:drop is a free-forever platform for schools to effectively manage and record student safety concerns. Putting student safety as its top priority, Impero back:drop offers access to our premium suite of classroom management, device management and learner wellbeing solutions.

You can have Impero back:drop running in under 30 minutes and begin recording student safety concerns in one central record. Impero back:drop is FERPA, COPPA and HIPAA compliant to make sure all data is stored safely and securely.

Benefits of Impero back:drop

Support students

Identify students who may need extra support or help, and manage student health concerns (both in and out of the classroom).

Focused on prevention

Created with the help of school leaders, Impero back:Drop easily allows you to report, record and track any student safety concerns, from first aid, to COVID-19 symptom tracking, to more complex mental health issues. Its easy-to-use, secure centralized system removes the need for paper-based recording, saving you valuable time and allowing you to intervene early.

Equip staff

Easily communicate and share student safety concerns with necessary staff members to act quickly, while also keeping sensitive information safe.

Key Features of Impero back:drop

COVID-19 tracking

Track individual COVID-19 symptoms and family bereavements to limit whole-school exposure and keep all students safe.

Granular and whole-school reporting

Create reports and track trends among a few students, or across your entire school or district.


Cloud-based student safety solution works the same whether it’s being used in one school or across dozens of schools.

Securely store documents

Upload documents relating to students and staff, including contracts, certificates, training records, consent forms, etc.

Concern chronology

View a complete history of each student, including behavioral concerns and mental health needs. Print reports and share concerns with school staff as appropriate.

Staff records

Keep evidence of staff training courses and relevant documents alongside a single, central record.

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