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Manage student safety concerns, for free

Keep your students safe for free

Impero back:drop, our free school safety solution, allows schools to record, manage and track student mental health and safety concerns at any time, anywhere and at zero cost. Schools can pair Impero back:drop with Impero class:room and Impero well:being to enhance its functionality and create safe and productive learning environments.

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Track whole-student health

With Impero’s school safety technology, it’s simple to track student health from first aid, to COVID-19 symptoms, to more complex mental health issues from one simple dashboard. Impero back:drop easily generates health and behavioral concern chronologies for every student or across an entire school or district so staff can identify problems early, understand the challenges students face and intervene before problems escalate.

Streamline student intervention

Impero’s school safety software allows staff, with authorized permission, to track and share concerns with each other and with external agencies quickly and efficiently when an issue arises. Impero back:drop also allows schools to flag student-specific needs and allow quick access to students who may need extra support or help.

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Store student data safely and securely

Impero’s cloud-based school safety software is FERPA, COPPA and HIPAA compliant. It also uses two-factor authentication to ensure your school’s data is protected and visible only to those who have the correct permissions. Each staff member is assigned specific access rights, meaning more serious student health concerns are only visible to staff when appropriate.

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Available anytime, anywhere

Impero’s school safety software can be accessed from any device at any time, helping school leaders keep students safe in any learning environment.

Impero back:drop is cloud-based, meaning it will work the same whether it’s used across one school, or across 50 schools.

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Keep staff records up-to-date

Impero back:drop’s school safety technology helps schools maintain staff training records and relevant documents alongside a single, central record.

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Software with wellbeing at its heart

  • Whole-school reporting
  • Concern chronology
  • Intervention management
  • Alert prioritisation
  • Document vault
  • Staff training records
  • Remote safeguarding tool
  • Simple referrals

Supporting students is what we do

Online and offline safety is at the heart of Impero. Impero works with over 700 schools across the U.S. to develop solutions in response to the latest education trends, and Impero back:drop is just one of many products we have designed to keep students safe. Learn about the other solutions in the Impero back:drop family such as Impero class:room, our classroom management software, Impero well:being, our keyword detection software and Impero web:check, our content filtering software.

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