These free, 20 minute long sessions provide the opportunity to learn more about Impero’s products and services from the comfort of your own desk. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and some speakers or headphones. Click through to see our available dates.

upcoming webinars

webinar: controlling the digital classroom

In a world of increasing digital devices learners are faced with a multitude of digital distractions. Attend this webinar to learn how classroom management software can help keep students focused on the task at hand and empower teachers to deliver engaging lessons facilitated by technology.

webinar: effective online safety management in education

Digital devices and access to the internet provide a great platform for increasing the scope of learning, however they can also put students at greater risk of bullying, abuse or harm. How do you ensure that students have access to technology but are not exposed to these risks?

webinar: network management made easy

Educational computer networks are a challenge to manage at the best of times. Add in increasing demands and falling budgets and the challenge gets ever more complex. How do you manage the influx of digital devices, multiple computer suites and requests for assistance all while trying to do more with less?

webinar: power management in education

How much energy is your school’s network using? The answer is potentially a lot, which also means a high cost. With power management software, the cost of running your network can be drastically reduced, saving money off your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. But that’s not the only benefit. You can also schedule…

webinar: introduction to EdLink Impero’s MDM

This webinar gives a high level introduction to Impero EdLink highlighting how it supports both 1:1 and BYOD initiatives, simplifies device management and safeguards students.