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patch management software

您的系統是否更新和安全? Impero Patch *是Education Pro提供的附加模塊,提供更新軟件管理功能,提高端點用戶的網絡安全性並保護一等教育軟件應用程式。

許多軟件會透過電腦彈出窗口提示用戶進行更新。想像一下,如果這些修復程式和更新是由學生或教職員執行的 – IT團隊可如何維持修復程式的可見性,並確保這些更新不會導致兼容性或穩定性問題?過時的軟件可能會導致網絡漏洞,增加安全漏洞的潛在風險以及破壞性停機時間。當進入手動過程時,修復程式的安裝往往會被忽略,從而擴大漏洞。

Impero Patch的模塊在網絡漏洞被偵測並影響到學校網絡前,使用自動檢測來修復微軟和60多個第三方應用程式(包括Flash和Java)。安排更新以執行自動修復過程,防止出現安全漏洞和減低潛在停機的風險,同時節省員工的寶貴時間。

Impero Patch

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key features

automated patching

Schedule patching for specific devices using a variety of criteria, including time and date, using active directory, or by manual group creation.


Wake-on-LAN scheduled patching can be set to power on devices, apply patches and then shutdown machines once complete.

update scheduling

Configure installation schedules to determine which products will be patched by the system and when updates will be applied.

easy-to-create policies

Create customised policies for automated patching to ensure systems are kept updated and protected, while saving time for IT teams.

intuitive dashboard interface

Provides a centralised overview of the network’s current patching state, with access to key information such as the most popular missing patches grouped by severity.

detailed reports

Generate reports prior, during, and after the patching process, and by date, time, machine, details or log type, to reveal events or errors and to prove endpoint security.


minimise risk

Reduce exposure to vulnerabilities through the wake-on-LAN service, which can be used to automatically power-on devices, apply patches, and shutdown once patching is complete.

save time

Automated scanning and scheduling of missing patches, and the ability to easily create policies, removes the hassle of manual processes and reduces admin workload.

reduce downtime

Reduce disruptive downtime by scheduling automated patching overnight or during non-peak times and by ensuring network devices are kept protected and up-to-date.

strengthen endpoint security

Maximise endpoint security to keep systems updated, free from vulnerabilities and prevent the risk of viruses.

ensure accuracy

Automatically scan the network for outdated or vulnerable software to avoid the risk of overlooking update notifications or patching incorrect versions.

improve efficiency

Scheduling automatic updates to keep systems updated improves working processes and helps to streamline networks.

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