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Single-click teaching tools ensure that teachers feel confident using technology to support the delivery of lesson content. The ability to monitor and control student devices across Windows, Macs, Chromebooks and iPads (including student-owned devices), and prevent access to specific resources, enable teachers to effectively focus students’ attention.

Impero Education Pro provides teachers with a dedicated teaching console, where they can observe and control activity on devices being used within their lessons. Whether it’s restricting the use of a computer, locking screens, disabling printing, muting sound or disabling USB storage devices, teaching staff can easily set the boundaries for each lesson and focus learning. Tools such as ‘disable internet’ are useful for lessons that involve devices but that do not require internet access, while a live thumbnail view offering complete visibility of all student activity enables teachers to remotely observe student behaviour. This helps give teachers the confidence to use ICT as part of their teaching, breaking down the traditional behaviour management and online safety barriers. Additionally, these tools empower teachers to take responsibility for online safety within their lessons, in line with a best practice approach to online safety.

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