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As a network grows, so does the level of support required to keep things running smoothly. And as teachers continue to employ technology to support learning, the need to remotely view student devices to lend support becomes greater too. That’s where remote control software steps in.

As students and faculty submit ‘help’ requests and report problems throughout the day, school IT teams will often be needed in several places at once. Without a remote support system, they will be required to dash across schools, or travel across separate MAT school sites, to fix technical issues. And as a school invests in more IT assets, IT teams increasingly require a quick and easy way to manage them. Impero Education Pro’s remote control software enable IT teams to perform commands across multiple machines, deploy MSIs, view the status of every machine on the network, and solve technical issues, without disrupting users or impacting learning.

Likewise, teachers often encounter similar issues in the digital classroom, finding themselves racing between students to check devices in a bid to keep students focused. Some problems may go overlooked, particularly for reserved students who find it difficult to request help in front of their peers. With the ability to determine granular permissions and grant staff the appropriate administration rights (such as enabling a teacher to reset their class’ passwords, for example), Impero Education Pro’s remote monitoring and support feature enables teachers to provide assistance, demonstrate tasks, or discreetly provide feedback.

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