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Are your printing costs spiralling out of control?

With a whole network of cost-unconscious students fulfilling their – often unnecessary – print requirements on a daily basis, is it any wonder your print bills are creeping up? This, plus the ever-increasing material costs for paper and toner, is why the monitoring and management of print with print management software is critical.

As well as the financial cost associated with unmanaged print, consider the environmental impact. As the world strives towards a greener future, and organisations shout about low carbon footprints and sustainability, there’s no excusing unnecessary waste. That’s where print management software can make a difference.

Impero Education Pro comes with clever print management software features to reduce printing costs across the entire network. By assigning credit on an individual basis, restrictions can be applied to enforce a reasonable usage policy and prevent careless behaviour from those print-happy users.

Save Waste with Print Management Software

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