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As tablets become an increasingly popular tool for promoting learner engagement across UK schools, colleges and universities, education professionals are faced with a new challenge in the classroom: the successful integration of these devices with mobile monitoring software.

Along with the proliferation of mobile devices in education comes the rise of BYOD schemes and 1:1 initiatives. These are becoming both commonplace and an aspiration, as schools race to transform the classroom experience through electronic mobile devices.

Teaching and learning with mobile devices enables better mobility, instant access to research, and the ability for students to engage with learning resources away from the traditional teaching space. Impero Education Pro is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Chrome OS, iOS and Mac OSX, allowing IT and teaching staff to manage and monitor multiple devices from a single view. And Education Pro can be used in conjunction with Impero EdLink, our mobile device management (MDM) solution, to simplify the centralised configuration and management of mobile devices.

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