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computer usage monitoring


Do you have a record of who’s been doing what on your network? Impero Education Pro’s computer and PC monitoring software capabilities will provide valuable insights on various levels.

In our age of accountability, schools and colleges need a firm grip when it comes to controlling and monitoring the digital environment. A computer usage monitoring function promotes intelligent decision making, saving time, resource and ultimately money.

The computer monitoring software features of Impero Education Pro lets primary schoolssecondary schoolscolleges and universities set the boundaries within which digital learning can thrive. By setting limitations at individual, group and network level, users are either restricted or monitored with regards to internet, application and hardware usage.

The intelligent reporting function draws from a log of network activity to provide a comprehensive account of power usage, print history, deleted items, violation alerts, CPU and memory usage. This information supports better, more informed decision-making and helps educational establishments to run efficient networks.

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