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anonymous student reporting


With Ofsted and ISI placing an increasing emphasis on what makes an effective safeguarding strategy, offering students the opportunity to voice their concerns via anonymous student reporting is encouraged by school inspectorates, which make reference to robust reporting channels and ‘anonymous methods of disclosure’.

Impero Education Pro includes an anonymous reporting tool, named Confide, which enables students to report safeguarding concerns either about themselves or another student, to a trusted member of staff. Students can choose to remain identified if they wish, determined by a simple tick box, and can request that staff respond via a preferred method of contact (email, in person, phone or text). Staff members are instantly alerted to any concerns reported to them, with access to all reports via the Confide Viewer as a record for tracking, reporting, or for review. Each Confide submission is displayed to Impero Console users, assigned with the relevant privileges; each logged report is displayed with a series of detailed information columns, including a unique ID, details of the issue, which staff member has been assigned the report, the classification (i.e. bullying), the status and the severity.

Education Pro includes student reporting software as standard

 key features

  • The option for students to provide their name or remain anonymous when submitting a concern
  • The option for students to choose which member of staff they want to report their concern to from a set list (with an option for photos)
  • Easy access Confide button that sits on a student desktop/and or system tray
  • Submission logging with set permissions ensuring only specified members of staff can see Confide viewer logs
  • The ability to personalise the Confide ‘welcome screen’
  • The option for staff to add a note against a disclosure, and change its severity or status which is logged as part of an audit trail
  • The inability to edit or delete a Confide report ensuring that, if a disclosure is made against a member of staff who has access to the Confide viewer, the staff member cannot remove this disclosure from within the system
  • A ‘disable anonymous reporting’ option – if this option is selected, then the Login ID of the person submitting the concern is automatically captured so that a school can identify who submitted the concern