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Monitoring online activity is only effective if data captures are viewed and acted upon appropriately. UK school inspectorates, including Ofsted, ISI, Estyn and Education Scotland, consider online safety a ‘whole school responsibility’. Using Education Pro, the workload of viewing data can be easily shared across different staff members or departments. Schools can establish viewing permissions by heads of year, pastoral care staff, form tutors, SENCO, DSL, SLT, class teacher, or a combination of all of these.

A complete log of all online activity, including screenshot and video captures to evidence misuse or potential risk, provides a historical timeline of user activity, including username, computer name, application or website, time, date and screenshot/video recording evidence. An incident management audit log, with incident handling and reporting tools, provides recorded evidence of identified risk which can be shared with school inspection bodies where necessary. Dedicated groups can be created for vulnerable students known to staff, and specific criteria can be applied to these groups to help protect them from already identified safeguarding concerns. Likewise, specific staff members (such as a Head of Year) can be provided access to actively manage their year group, in line with the school’s safeguarding policy.

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