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Whitepaper summary: active monitoring systems in schools – the opportunities and challenges

11th October 2017

Did you know that 43% of captures identified by an active monitoring system are managed by Network Managers, while 15% are managed by the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)?

Impero is delighted to announce that we recently commissioned online safety consultant Charlotte Aynsley to produce a whitepaper, designed to explore the opportunities and challenges of implementing and managing an active monitoring system in a school or college environment. Charlotte has worked in the online safety field for over 15 years – internationally, with the government, schools, local authorities, and the commercial sector.

The whitepaper has been informed by research carried out between April 2017 and July 2017. All UK schools were invited to take part in an online survey and a face-to-face focus group. Telephone interviews were also conducted as a follow-up exercise.

The whitepaper covers:

  • The context for active monitoring in schools
  • An analysis of research findings (data collected via surveys, focus groups and follow-up interviews)
  • How active monitoring can mitigate online safety risks
  • How to effectively implement an active monitoring system in line with best practice

top tips for a successful deployment

The whitepaper outlines an effective process to help aid the adoption and smooth deployment of a monitoring system. A snapshot of this is illustrated below:

Set up a working group – The working group should consist of the technical teams, behaviour teams and safeguarding teams to ensure that the system is set up and tailored to their needs. Schools and colleges should discuss the differences between a behaviour issue and a safeguarding issue and try and define what the thresholds are, in sync with the current guidance and school policy.

Pilot – The system should be piloted and different approaches to managing the captures should be adopted to see what works. This should be part of an ongoing review process to ensure it ‘fits’ with the existing structures.

Policies – It should be linked with the existing policies in school around safeguarding, child protection and behaviour.

Communication – The whole school/college should be aware that the new system is in place and understand their role within the roll out. Generic awareness training for all staff should be developed, followed by specific training for different groups of staff.

Staff training – Staff training should be developed for specific members who have a role in managing the implementation and the roll out, for example: those members of staff involved in viewing captures may need a training session on escalations and thresholds.

Launch – Launch the programme with a clear deadline and highlight this to all staff.


why not book a place at our seminar?

If you’d like to learn more about adopting a best practice approach to implementing an appropriate monitoring system, book a place at our seminar in Leeds on the 9th November. Hear expert advice from UK Safer Internet Centre/SWGfL, Alan Mackenzie (E-Safety Adviser), Charlotte Aynsley and Farrer & Co and get involved in several hands-on workshops.


Download the whitepaper for free here.

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