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Texas School Safety Grant for schools and district

This August, Impero’s Board of Directors are pleased to announce a Texas School Safety Grant for U.S. schools across Texas. This grant is designed to help Texas education establishments respond to the 2019 School Safety Act” during academic year 2019 – 2020.

Establishing threat assessment teams

Responding to the ongoing need to strengthen school security, harden school infrastructure and provide mental health counseling to all students, Texas schools are required to put together threat assessment teams who would be responsible for identifying at-risk students and put processes in place to intervene before a situation may escalate. What do threat assessment teams need to do to create a safe and supportive school?

Understanding your responsibilities under 2019 School Safety Act

According to the Texas School Safety Center, identifying risks, communication among the threat assessment team and all members of staff, as well as having the right people, models and tools are important for effective threat assessment.

Learn more about your responsibilities by downloading our 2019 School Safety Act poster which summarizes the bill and discuss how Impero EdAware can help support you in your student safety journey.

Responding to student safety measures

We see on the news almost every day, mental health, school hardening, school climate, bullying, suicide, lots of topics all leading back to student safety. Here at Impero we’ve responded to this change by creating our digital student portfolio. Designed to help record and manage student safety concerns, Impero EdAware bridges online and offline concerns to provide a holistic picture of a student’s wellbeing and support key responsibilities within 2019 School Safety Act.

Impero is currently offering a student safety grant for schools across Texas who are dedicated to overcoming the challenges associated with developing threat assessment teams, adopting policies and identifying, intervening, reporting and referring any student safety concerns.

As part of the grant you’ll receive Impero EdAware free for a year. This grant is available for up to 100 schools across Texas.

How to apply for the grant

To be considered for the grant, please submit the form on the right. Provide your schools details along and submit the following in the proposal box:

  1. How your school intends to respond to 2019 School Safety Act
  2. Reasons why your school should be selected for the grant
  3. How a system like Impero EdAware can support your student safety policies and procedures

Grant applicants must be submitted before September 15. Any applications received after this point will not be considered.


  • Available to any education institution located in Texas.
  • Grant applications will be accepted until September 30.
  • Schools will be selected on Impero’s assessment of their proposal and will receive a notification of acceptance or rejected via email.
  • Trial licenses will be available at no-cost until October 1, 2020.
  • The grant is available directly from Impero only.

Apply for the Texas School Safety Grant