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Welcome SMART Sync customers!

welcome SMART Sync customers!

Recently SMART technologies announced that SMART Sync classroom management is being discontinued. SMART Technologies and Impero have partnered together to provide SMART customers with a path for upgrading to Impero Education Pro. You can read more about the partnership here. Below is some basic information to get you started on your upgrade:

why should I upgrade?

Impero Education Pro combines network, desktop and classroom management into one comprehensive solution. Our remote management and monitoring software is an enhanced classroom management offering that also includes remote management tools for school technical staff.

does it have the same features?

Impero Education Pro has the same monitoring and management features as SMART Sync and many, many more. This upgrade is a deep discount from our list price and is only being offered to SMART Sync customers.

how much will it cost?

The partnership will allow any SMART customer to upgrade their SMART Sync installation to the full feature set of Impero Education Pro at a greatly reduced partnership price, through one of our trusted partners.

what do I need?

Just provide proof of purchase to Impero to get started. You will just need a invoice, purchase order or license agreement for your current SMART Sync license.

how do I upgrade?

If you are a customer in the United States, just call our office at 877.883.4370. All other valued customers can call us at +44 (0) 1509 611 341.

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