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School Online Safety Grant

This September, Impero’s Board of Directors are pleased to announce a $2.5 million dollar ‘School Online Safety Grant’. The grant is designed to help all U.S. education establishments respond to the Department for Homeland Security’s Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model and K-12 School Security guides – and other government legislation – as they begin the new school year.

responding to school safety measures

With the U.S. government passing new bills and increasing funding to improve procedures and precautions in education, schools and districts are stepping up their school safety and security. While many establishments will be bolstering their closed-circuit video (CVV) and motion detectors or implementing turnstiles, door blockers and lock systems, it’s important not to neglect the digital side when it comes to your students’ online safety and security.

have you considered how you can:

  • Identify students at potential risk (e.g. engaging in violence or other harmful activities) before a situation escalates by monitoring their online activity?
  • Support your school’s threat prevention and assessment plans using evidence of students’ online behavior in line with their offline behavior, for a bigger picture?
  • Mitigate threats by promoting good digital citizenship?

With stretched budgets combined with rising concerns over student safety, the need to identify potential risk – and intervene – sooner has never been so crucial. Impero understands this problem all too well and over the last decade has worked alongside schools, charities and specialist organizations to develop a powerful solution. Used in over 500 US districts, Impero Education Pro’s online safety monitoring feature is focused on fostering a culture of good digital citizenship and improving student safety across schools and districts. Real-time monitoring, keyword detection, incident captures, and a log of all student activity helps schools and districts to identify potentially harmful or inappropriate behavior and content, which may prove indicative of risk. Screenshot and video recordings of captures also provide contextual insight; this empowers educators to provide counter narratives, intervene where necessary (before a situation escalates), and offer the relevant support – all in line with a school’s threat prevention and assessment plans.

Impero is currently offering this grant program for schools across the United States, which are dedicated to overcoming the challenges associated with student safety and security online. This program will save schools thousands of dollars by integrating Impero’s solutions across their digital environments.

what it looks like

Grant No. devices Minimum amount eligible for
Bronze IIT Grant 250 device minimum $1,250
Silver IIT Grant 1,000 device minimum $3,750
Gold IIT Grant 5,000 device minimum $12,500
Platinum IIT Grant 10,000 device minimum $25,000


how to apply

To take advantage of the grant, simply register your interest using the form on the right and leave a 50-word message on why your school would benefit from this funding.

The ‘School Online Safety Grant’ is effective from August 28th 2018 through to September 30th. Get ahead this academic year and save your school/district money with Impero’s solutions.


  • Available to any educational institution in the U.S.
  • The amount Impero will contribute varies depending on the size of the overall investment.
  • Current Impero customers are eligible to use the grant to add new licences or purchase other Impero products, such as Impero EdLink.
  • Grant funding cannot be combined with other discounts or price promotions, or state wide funding.
  • Funding is available until September 30th, or until funding is exhausted.
  • The grant is available both directly through Impero or via all Impero authorized resellers.
  • Based on full license list price.

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