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White County Central School District


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White County Central School District is a one campus rural school district located 8 miles from the nearest town. With just over 700 students, White County Central prides itself on providing a personalized learning experience for every student at the school and technology is a key factor in achieving this vision.


To help monitor and manage the labs across its campus, White County Central School District was using Smart Synchronise, a product highly regarded by the teachers but incompatible with Chromebooks. To manage its Chromebook devices, White County Central utilized GoGuardian. Due to the cloud-based nature of the GoGuardian software, White County Central was experiencing several issues that could not be resolved in their environment. Having two separate software products in place was also making things difficult so the district set about finding a solution that would replace both solutions.


When looking for a replacement for Synchronise all searches lead to Impero Education Pro. A cross-platform, one-stop shop for monitoring, online safety, network management and classroom management, White County Central soon realized that Impero Education Pro offered far more value for money than juggling multiple software providers. The long term cost savings were substantial and a trial of the product proved White County Central that in Impero Education Pro it had a found a reliable, effective solution for the district.


Implementing Impero Education Pro across the school district was described as “very seamless and very quick” by the Technology Coordinator. There were no problems during the roll out and the Impero team helped to configure and create assigned groups quickly so that White County Central could start using Impero Education Pro without delay.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, White County Central School District has realized several core benefits, including:

Saves money – Impero Education Pro incorporates classroom management, network management and online safety into one single consolidated solution, allowing disparate solutions to be replaced, saving on multiple support contracts and licensing fees.

Saves time – The remote control functionality included as part of the network management feature set allows the IT team to remote into a device and fix an IT related issue without physically being sat at that machine – a huge time saver when it comes to IT support.

Real-time monitoring – Impero Education Pro includes live thumbnail views of all devices (including Chromebooks) in one location, allowing teachers to easily keep track of what students are accessing online. A key feature for risk reduction, online safety and progress tracking throughout a lesson.

Q&A with Shayne Wallis, Technology Coordinator

How has Impero Education Pro helped save you time? 

There’s so much included in Impero Education Pro that’s right at our fingertips – and there’s still further functionality to explore. Currently the feature we’re mainly using the most is the remote desktop functionality, remoting into PCs and fixing any IT problems students or teachers are having. Instead of physically having to go to the machine we can remote in and fix the issue there and then, it saves so much time. Using our previous remote program this task would take so much longer as you’d have to remote into a computer that has a Microsoft server desktop – it definitely wasn’t as simple as Impero. We’re still taking baby steps when it comes to using Impero Education Pro but we’re really excited to start using the other features.

How has Impero Education Pro helped create focused classrooms? 

Since moving over to Impero Education Pro our more technically motivated teachers are using the software to monitor students’ activity and keep them on task. The live thumbnail view helps our teachers easily identify students straying off task at a glance. Not all of our teachers are trained to use the software yet so I need to put together some sessions for them. However with the help of the webinar training sessions included as part of our support licence they should be up to speed in no time.

What are your next steps?

Alongside training up the teachers, I want to get a better understanding of how the keyword detection policies work and set up email alerts around the various keyword libraries that are included. Once I’m up to speed, we’ll get the teachers using this feature first hand as they’re all capable of (and excited about) doing it.

How would you describe the support team?

On a scale of 1-10, 10! We’ve never had any issues with the support team, they’re very helpful and they always help find a solution to a problem.

How would you sum up Impero?

One-stop shop for time saving.

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