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West Rusk CCISD, based in New London, Texas is a large school district with 19 buildings throughout. 8 years ago, when Education Pro was in Version 1 Beta testing, West Rusk CCISD were looking for a new software solution for classroom management, and soon became one of the first Impero Education Pro customers in the United States.


Prior to Education Pro the district were not utilizing anything to manage the network as a whole. With a small IT team and 19 buildings in the district, it was becoming difficult to maintain the network, especially with a variety of software platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX, Chrome OS and iOS. Additionally these mobile devices were being used more frequently in the IT labs and classrooms, creating a need for a classroom management solution as well.


Despite nothing in place prior to Education Pro, West Rusk CCISD trialled Apple Remote Desktop for their Mac machines and Lanschool for other classroom management needs. However a consolidated solution was more desirable. After a short time these software products were phased out in favor of Education Pro because the features were more robust.


With Education Pro implemented across the network for some time now the classroom management features have been used more throughout the district. With similar functionality as Lanschool, teachers have easily adopted the rich feature base included in Education Pro.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, the West Rusk CCISD has experienced a variety of benefits, such as:

Saves times – The IT team is able to use reporting tools for machines to determine problems and gather parts before going to a physical location to fix something. With 19 buildings this is a massive time saver.

Enhances classroom management – Teachers are able to white/blacklist websites within classrooms to keep students on topic and off distracting sites. With the keyword library feature, teachers receive alerts of inappropriate activity and are able to address issues as they arise.

Conserves energy – By using the power and patch management features, West Rusk is able to shut down computers after school, program them to turn on and load software updates and patches automatically, and shut back down all after hours. This conserves a significant amount of money during summer months, when school cooling systems are taxed by the heat generated by computers.


Q&A with Cody Walker, IT Co-Supervisor

What Education Pro features do you use most often?

Inventory – We are able to see what software and applications are installed on a machine, and it’s pertinent information; what RAM, what model, etc. This information shows me what a machine might need to run better. After assessing this information, my team members can go to a machine with the right parts, and fix it quickly. We are also able to pull inventory and make decisions on which machines need to be replaced. Remote viewing is used on an hourly basis. We can look at CPU, bandwidth and memory. If a computer is struggling we can pull up that machine, open resource graphs, have a task manager open on the machine, to see where the computer is having a problem. This allows us to see machine performance without actually going to the machine. We also use event viewer. With this we can pull detailed logs of information from various machines without the user being hindered. Combining these things can really help us troubleshoot without ever physically going to the machine and physically touching it.

How has Education Pro helped with safety?

Because of remote monitoring and screenshot reporting, we were able to identify issues with some individuals planning illegal drug deals in the school. The proper school staff were tipped off, the situation was monitored over time, and the screenshots gave instant proof, so that the situation could be dealt with and dissipated swiftly and discretely.

How would you sum up Impero?

We’ve used Impero since V1, and won’t use anything else.

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