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Ulysses Unified School District 214


Ulysses Unified School District 214


Pre-K through 12

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Impero Education Pro & Impero EdLink


Ulysses Unified School District 214, located in Southwest Kansas, is committed to providing the best resources available to prepare its students for their future, with proficiency in using technology as an example. With a dedicated 1:1 initiative in place, Ulysses USD 214 utilize computer labs, Chromebooks and an abundance of iPads for digital learning and for teaching students how to be tech-savvy.


Over the years, Ulysses USD 214 has trialled and utilized a variety of mobile device management solutions, such as Apple configurator and Lightspeed. However, with a variety of mobile devices (including iPads and Chromebooks) Ulysses USD 214 wanted a solution to configure and manage both of these mobile device platforms from a single software solution.


After receiving several emails from Impero, and even hearing about its solutions at a technology conference, the Technology Director at Ulysses USD 214 enquired further about Impero’s offering. With the rest of the technology team, the Technology Director attended a demonstration of Impero and quickly identified it was a one-stop shop for managing both Ulysses USD 214’s iPads and Chromebooks from a single interface.


When it came to implementing Impero across Ulysses USD 214, the Technology Director was prepared for a 2 week installation period, but actually described the process as “very simple” and was set up in a single morning and ready to use across Ulysses USD 214.

Key benefits

Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Ulysses Unified School District 214 has realized several core benefits, including:

Seamless app management – In comparison to Apple configurator, the app management features in Impero EdLink were described by the Technology Director as “seamless”, helping to improve efficiency and ensure apps are available to the right students at the right time.

Integration with SIS – With groups and classes created directly from Ulysses USD 214’s student information system, teachers can easily monitor and access their classroom and control student activity online.

Focus learning – With simple one-click tools to block and unblock the internet, including access to specific websites, students are kept focused on the task at hand. If a teachers identifies a student off task, they can quickly message them to get them on track.

Q&A with Dennis Gonzales, Technology Director

How has Impero helped support your 1:1 initiative?  

Oh my, Impero has saved us over and over, it’s honestly a life-send. Initially, when enrolling all the students onto the MDM we had to do some small amounts of configuration, but soon it was installed and ready to use by the students. The team loves the interaction element of Impero; if a teacher or student has a problem on a device, we can use email and the chat functionality to get a better understanding of the issue, remote into their device, take control and fix the issue and boom, we’re done. Our footwork has been cut down tremendously! I really like it, we’ve been using it for 6 months now and it’s been really easy and versatile to send updates. There’s no silver bullet solution out there that covers everything, but Impero is pretty close.

How is Impero being utilized directly in the classroom?

The teachers are now utilizing the classroom management a lot more. We launched it back in August to about 6 teachers and then to the full high school teaching staff earlier this month, and, frankly, I’m hearing nothing but good things! They’ve got a suite of tools at their beck and call, being able to open up the internet and lock things down that students don’t need access to helps manage the class so much better. Impero really helps get the kids focused on what we’re teaching and get the most out of learning time.

How would you describe the support team?

The support team have always been very helpful, those guys do a good job! There’s been a couple of times where things have been escalated further and they’ve had to do more homework to resolve the situation, but they’ve always got back to me promptly.

How would you sum up Impero?

I would say, Impero is the most innovative MDM/mobile solution.

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