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Thunder Ridge USD #110


Thunder Ridge USD #110


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Thunder Ridge USD #110, located in Kensington, KS, promotes the use of technology in the classroom as a way of improving communication and collaboration skills across its student body. With set computer labs and a large scale Chromebook deployment, at both the middle school and high school campuses, Thunder Ridge was keen to ensure the effective management of these devices in order to promote positive online behavior amongst students.


Before Impero Education Pro, Thunder Ridge had nothing in place to manage its devices. The IT team would have to manually walk around the campus and turn on all the machines ready for the first class each day. This was an extremely time consuming process which became impossible when a second campus was opened. The IT team would have to rely on the people in the building to turn on and off all of the machines, which became too much for staff to manage and it became clear that a remote management solution was necessary.


Thanks to a timely email from Impero, Thunder Ridge identified Impero Education Pro as a potential solution to their problems. After a demonstration of the software, the district requested a free trial and were quickly impressed, acknowledging that it solved all their problems and more. After speaking to the superintendent at the district, Thunder Ridge were given to go ahead to use Impero Education Pro in one of the labs and have since rolled this out further to cover all the PCs in the district.


When it came to implementing Impero Education Pro the process was straightforward. Thunder Ridge worked closely with the Impero support team, to get all the machines connected and configured correctly. Following this, the district has been able to view every device, every morning without fail.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Thunder Ridge USD #110 has realized several core benefits, including:

Saves time – With remote control access, teachers no longer have to email over the symptoms of their computer. The IT team can remote in, see the issue for themselves, and fix the issue as the user is logged in. Using this functionality, the IT team do not have to travel between sites and understanding of the issue is identified with ease.

Saves money – Thunder Ridge has run several reports on the savings it has made with Impero Education Pro. Previously labs were left on 24/7, but by using the power management features, labs can now be powered on and off when not in use. This has led to savings on electrical costs and device wear and tear.

Monitor vulnerable students – With live thumbnail views and a log of students activity, Thunder Ridge is able to keep a closer eye on students of concern. Impero Education Pro helps to identify their online search history, applications they’ve been using and what students have deleted, it’s priceless when tracking and identifying vulnerable students.

Q&A with Steve Wangerin, District Tech Coordinator

How has Impero Education Pro helped save you time? 

Before Impero Education Pro all I had was my two feet, I would have to sit down at each machine, turn them on at the beginning of the day and off at the end. Updating all the machines was a mammoth task, a lot of hopping from seat to seat. With Impero Education Pro you can power on and shut down machines from one location, with a click of a button, and they’re all ready to go, it’s saved me so much time! I use it all day long, I love the menus in the Impero console for admin, you can go to an individual machine and see their usage history – that’s been terrific, and the inventory features are unbelievable. My favorite thing about Impero is that you can remote in and access it from any computer.

What are your next steps?

We’ve got carts of Chromebooks that are used in lessons, which teachers distribute at the start of the class and return at the end. Like with our PCs, we want to be able to monitor these to ensure students are on track and using them appropriately. We want to test this to see how it would work, that’s our next major step.

How would you describe the support team?

I’ve got no complaints, they’re fantastic, they usually take care of me really quickly.

How would you sum up Impero?

It’s absolutely fantastic.

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