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Stone County School District


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Stone County School District, located in Wiggins, Mississippi, utilize Chromebook labs and computer labs across its schools to support and enhance learning in the classroom. With a mixture of devices, 800 Chromebooks and over 500 Windows PCs, Stone County School District needed a solution to monitor and control student device usage in the classroom.


Before Impero Education Pro, Stone County School District were using Vision by NetOp to control its devices in the classroom. However, the unreliability of this software often led to frustrated teachers, which fueled the Director of Technology to look for a more reliable, cross-platform, classroom management solution.


The Director of Technology started to look for alternatives to Vision by NetOp via the internet. Stone County School District soon came across Impero Education Pro, which included a range of features such as network management and student online safety – beyond just classroom management. With a tight budget, Impero offered a great payment option that was feasible for its small district and Stone County School District quickly purchased Impero Education Pro.


Installing Impero Education Pro across Stone County School District was described by the Director of Technology as “very straightforward”, despite having pushed the software out to the client machines manually rather than the server pushing the software automatically. All throughout the installation process, Stone County School District knew the Impero support team were only a phone call away to assist with any inquiries.

Key benefits

Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Stone County School District has realized several core benefits, including:

Save time – Installed on all student and teacher devices, Impero Education Pro allows Stone County School District to service any devices quickly and remotely. There’s no longer a need to drive to the various school sites to correct what can sometimes be a simple issue.

Ensure CIPA complaince – The online student safety features included in Impero Education Pro help to support federal government requirements to keep students safe and ensures Stone County School District remain CIPA compliant.

Save money – Using the power management functionality, Stone County School District would power on machines for students at the beginning of a class and power these off when not needed, which contributed to energy savings.

Q&A with Chuck McGee, Director of Technology

How has Impero Education Pro made your job easier? 

It’s a definite time saver, it’s often like having an extra technician in the district when you take into account its many benefits. Controlling the internet is one of the tech department’s favorite tools and mine as well! We’re able to provide remote support which has helped my technicians be more efficient in managing our many computer and Chromebook labs. What makes Impero Education Pro better is that updates are able to be pushed down automatically to the client machines, saving my technicians tons of time by preventing them from having to go on every machine. I think my techs and many of our teachers would mutiny if I took the software away from them at this point, they absolutely love it!

How does Impero Education Pro help manage the classroom?

Our teachers have access to monitor their students, which gives them a much better oversight and greater control of what is going on with their students and the computers they’re using. The classroom management tools, such as creating their own policies, help to keep their students on task and focused. Being able to control the students’ applications and internet access is a real benefit in managing their classroom; the teachers also particular enjoy the ability to send individual messages or messages to the whole class as well as being able to send and receive assignments.

How are you protecting your students online?

Online safety has become a big deal in our classrooms today; the federal government requires we protect our staff and students from online threats. The in-built keyword detection libraries do a great job of protecting our students from cyberbullying; it records the event so teachers and administrators have a record of the students’ activity should it be necessary. The online safety features have been very handy countless times when students stray off task and try to access sites they know they shouldn’t.

How would you describe the support team?

The Impero support team has been one of the best customer support teams I have ever dealt with, and believe me I’ve dealt with several over the years! They’re always knowledgeable, pleasant to deal with and willing to stay on the phone with us for as long as it takes to get an resolved.

How would you sum up Impero?

I’ll borrow a phrase from Nike and say “Just Do It!” You and your organization will be happy you did in the end.

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