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Impero Education Pro


20 schools located across Saskatchewan, North East School Division strive to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed. With access to Windows PCs and laptops, iPads and Chromebooks, the school division needed to be able to control and monitor their students digital access across various platform devices.


Before using Impero Education Pro, a couple of the schools within the division were using an open source classroom suite to create focussed classrooms and control students online. However, the functionality did not remove all behavioral issues in the classroom and, more importantly, classrooms, groups and users had to be created manually, which was a very time-consuming task. These issues lead to the decision to look for another classroom management solution.


Through Googling, demoing and trialling various software providers it came back down to the same thing; being able to create groups and classrooms. Impero Education Pro can use AD permissions to manage and create groups and classrooms with ease. This functionality, alongside the comprehensive classroom management features, confirmed North East School Divisions decision to purchase Impero Education Pro.


Everything was set up and working within a couple of days. North East School Division built the relevant VM, where the Impero support team remoted in and installed Impero Education Pro. Using SCCM, North East School Division released the licence, created the package, and pushed it out to the 20 schools within the division. Teachers have been quick to utilize Impero Education Pro, with the help of the Digital Learning Consultant at each school; they soon became familiar with the software and the intuitive interface.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, North East School Division has realized several core benefits, including:

greater visibility – With a live thumbnail view and keyword detection across various platform devices, North East School Division can see what a student is accessing and when. Teachers can resolve any behavioral issues at the point it occurs and use screenshots as evidence.

saves times – Teachers are empowered to use the classroom management features, including the live thumbnail view and resetting passwords, freeing the IT team to get on with other tasks at hand.

support digital citizenship – Real-time monitoring of all students’ online activity identifies any inappropriate content accessed or produced during a lesson, enabling teaching staff to respond to incidents immediately, offer counter-narratives and educate students on good digital behavior.

Q&A with Tyler Weisgerber, System Specialist

how has Education Pro made your job easier?

As Education Pro integrates with the active directory, we don’t need to enter groups manually, which allows us to easily identify who is logged in where, including the staff. For trouble shooting situations, we can find students or staff affected, provide remote support and reboot labs at the click of a few buttons. Education Pro provides us with a lot of additional functionality that we’re yet to utilize – it’s definitely an added benefit if we ever want to use it. At the time of purchase we were mainly looking for classroom management features, which Education Pro excels in, anything beyond that is just gravy.

how has Education Pro helped give teachers control in the classroom? 

From an IT perspective, Education Pro allows the teachers and other staff to proxy accounts and change passwords, which is particularly useful for students in younger grades. It’s like herding cats to get all the students logged on! Now teachers can deal with these issues directly rather than contacting the IT team, saving themselves and us time. It empowers the teachers more, especially to monitor and keep students on task. Using the live thumbnail view they can track student online activity in real time or see what students were accessing and when in the activity logs.

how would you describe our support team?

Every time I’ve dealt with the Impero support team they’ve been quick to respond. All the new releases are quick and we don’t run into too many problems when updating. All in all, we’ve not had to deal with them too much, the system is pretty maintenance free.

how would you sum up Impero?

Empowering teachers, liberating IT.

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