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Karns City Area School District covers Butler County, Clarion County and Armstrong County in Pennsylvania. With two of its elementary schools classified as a National Distinguished Title 1 Schools, it comes as no surprise that the Karns City Area School District strive itself on its team approach to teaching and learning, with technology playing a large role.


Before Impero Education Pro, Karns City Area School District utilized SSCM for imaging and remoting onto its PCs. However, other than its existing firewall, Karns City Area School District had nothing in place to monitor what its students were accessing online. This drove Karns City Area School District to look for a consolidated solution to monitor and manage its devices from a centralized location.


Karns City Area School District began its search for a new solution online and quickly identified Impero, which included an array of great reviews. Karns City Area School District booked a demonstration of the software and loved the large range of features Impero Education Pro offered. After trialling Impero Education Pro directly on the district environment, Karns City Area School District quickly realized this was the solution it needed to enhance teaching and learning.


After a simple configuration of its virtual server, Impero was quickly up and running for Karns City Area School District. Since implementing, updating to the latest version of Impero Education Pro has been a straightforward process involving a quick call to the Impero support team where the upgrade is made ready to run on all devices.

Key benefits

Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Karns City Area School District has realized several core benefits, including:

Save time – The live thumbnail view and remote control functionality has helped the technical team to easily identify and fix technical issues as they occur. For example, the Principal had an issue on Chrome recently and phoned for support, the technical team were quickly able to remote on and solve the issue – the Principal was amazed at the speediness of the fix.

Enhance security – Using Impero Education Pro, Karns City Area School District can help image Windows 10 machines and keep them up to date. By selecting a few computers, the technical team can log in as different users to ensure all profiles are working as expected.

Save money – Utilizing the power management features included in Impero Education Pro, machines are powered on and off when needed, helping to save money and energy savings at Karns City Area School District.

Q&A with Foster Crawford, IT Director

How has Impero Education Pro made your job easier?  

A better question would be to ask: how hasn’t it made my job easier?! It’s made my life a lot easier and faster to fix teacher and student issues. We’ve got a small team, so Impero saves us a lot of time running around and jumping from one school to another. We can remote in, fix, and troubleshoot issues – it saves a lot of hassle. It’s also fantastic being able to reboot and restart computers, batch scripts and push out software, it saves us so much time! The most beneficial feature in our eyes is the log viewer, it provides a simple and easy way to identify what our students have been accessing online. I recently took over as the IT Director here, however, the previous IT Director recently moved to another school and as soon as he did, he put Impero into his budget immediately.

How has Impero Education Pro helped enhance digital learning?

It’s so good to view labs and all Chromebook carts in one location. Teachers have really been taking advantage of the classroom management features, especially in STEM lessons, to demonstrate a particular task. In doing so, the teacher would broadcast their own screen to show the whole class (on a screen right in front of them) what they need to do. Predominately, our teachers are using Impero to control their 1:1 initiative, send quizzes and monitor student activity all day, including the study hall. With a full log of what a student is accessing, including time and period, students have become a lot more conscious about what they’re accessing online and this has helped to teach them how to act responsibly online.

How would you describe the support team?

The Impero support team is the best I’ve ever encountered. Every single person in the team is extremely knowledgeable and competent. We had an incident recently and the team got everything back up and running within ten minutes. I couldn’t give them higher reviews – and they have the best accents!

How would you sum up Impero?

I don’t know where we’d be right now without Impero, it’s a necessity for school districts.

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