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Impero Education Pro


Based in Southwest Colorado, Ignacio School District is moving away from paper, using Google Docs and online programs for most learning. With the introduction of a one-to-one program, particularly through 3rd grade to 12th, the amount of devices in the district grew rapidly. After having some issues with iPads, Ignacio now have 400 Chromebooks and 600 Windows 7 or Windows 10 laptops, with these cross-platform devices, Ignacio needed a better solution to monitor their students centrally.


Before Education Pro, Ignacio used SysAid to allow the technology department to remotely support student and teacher devices. SysAid focuses more on inventory base and troubleshooting, therefore having only three technology staff in the district to monitor all devices, it became apparent SysAid was not as robust as it needed to be. Ignacio considered stricter filtering, to better control and safeguard students, but did not want to restrict good sites because of some questionable content – this led them to search for a monitoring solution.


The Technology Director at the school began to search for a new solution via the internet. At first similar products to SysAid were identified and a demo of Synchronize was carried out. After researching pricing, the search continued where he stumbled across Education Pro. When comparing the two it became apparent that Education Pro could be pushed out across the whole of the district for the same price as a single computer lab for Synchronize. Additionally, with Education Pro, teachers would be able to manage and monitor their classroom themselves allowing the technical team to deliver on other tasks.


To help make their purchasing decision, Ignacio downloaded a 30-day free trial to get a better understanding of Education Pro. During this time the software was pushed out to all devices for testing across multiple sites. With new budgets in place two weeks after the end of the trial, the Impero support team extended the trial to tide Ignacio School District over until the full purchase. With the trial software already pushed out across the district, full adoption was very easy to deploy and set up.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Ignacio School District have realized several benefits, including:

saves time Being able to remotely fix issues without leaving the room allows for multi-tasking and quick resolution of student’s issues. Using mimic script, the technical team can push out programs to all devices at the click of a few buttons, rather than a lengthy manual install.

keeping students safe – Ignacio would rather monitor student behavior than limit student access to good websites. Monitoring should be everyone’s responsibility, therefore principals have a right to monitor teachers, teachers have the rights to monitor students and admin have the rights to monitor principals. This makes everyone accountable and honest about what is happening online.

saves money – Through monitoring, teachers can identify when students are using YouTube to listen to music. Keeping students from doing this considerably reduced the district’s bandwidth costs. Additionally, Ignacio have saved money by keeping the tech department in their offices rather than traveling to multiple sites.

Q&A with Brian Crane, Technology Director

how has Education Pro made your job easier?

We can do so much more with Impero. Having three sites with only three technology staff meant that one building didn’t have a technical person at all times. We used to drive back and forth from the different sites just to say “Oh man, I know what this is, this is all you need to do.” With Education Pro we can remotely fix those little issues for students and teachers, the ones where you just need a second to understand what the problem is and fix it. Education Pro also helps give the teachers more control, they can build their class and away they go. We don’t need to monitor so proactively, as the teachers have access to do that in real-time giving us more time to fix other IT issues.

how has Education Pro improved learning?

Teachers are able to broadcast their own or a student’s screen to all devices in a classroom. This can be used to gain attention or provide positive reinforcement of student’s work. For younger students, teachers are able to push websites out onto all devices instead of manually entering the web address for each student. Education Pro also puts the responsibility on the teacher to teach students about what is acceptable online.

what are your next steps?

Currently only a few teachers are using the quizzes and questions section in Education Pro. I want to understand how it’s being used and create another how-to video to encourage others to use other classroom management features more. I’m also interested in finding out more about the keyword detection libraries to utilize Education Pro fully.