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Home of the Tigers, Green Forest Schools supports students from elementary through to high school in Green Forest, Arkansas. Using Chromebooks, iPads and PCs, Green Forest Schools utilizes blended learning and digital learning courses in the classroom. To enhance the use of technology and control the additional 1000 Chromebooks purchased, Green Forest Schools needed a reliable monitoring solution.


Before Impero Education Pro, Green Forest Schools used a solution through Google Admin to filter and keep track of students’ online activity. However, this solution was not renewed, leaving Green Forest Schools with nothing in place to monitor its students. With plans to purchase additional Chromebooks, on top of the 5 existing carts, Green Forest Schools needed a solution to monitor and control these devices, in addition to the controlling the computer labs containing Windows PCs.


Identifying a need for a cross-platform solution, Green Forest Schools simply searched the web for potential solutions, soon discovering Impero Education Pro. Alongside this research period, the Technology Coordinator attended a training session with its cooperative where Impero was demonstrated, providing a great opportunity to discover the answers to any technical questions. After discussing it further with a neighboring school district known well to Green Forest Schools and being highly recommended, the Technology Coordinator and Technology Instructional Facilitator determined Impero Education Pro was the best solution.


Using the self-installation guides and the help of the Impero support team, Impero Education Pro was soon installed onto the server and ready to use at Green Forest Schools.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Green Forest Schools has realized several core benefits, including:

improve student behavior – When first implemented at Green Forest Schools, up to 100 captures a day would be gathered from keyword detection. Students now know they’re being monitored and this has deterred them from accessing sites they shouldn’t, with captures down to an average of 10 daily.

focus learning – Alongside keyword detection, the live thumbnail monitoring helps to easily identify distracted students. Teachers can quickly send a message to these individuals and bring them back to the task at hand.

saves money – Using the power management functionality included in Impero Education Pro, Green Forest Schools has been able to log off all its computer labs at the end of the school day, helping to save a few bucks.

Q&A with Adam Wade, Technology Instructional Facilitator

how does Impero Education Pro make your job easier? 

From my perspective, it’s all about encouraging the use of technology in the classroom without teachers having to worry about their students straying off task. One of my favorite features is being able to easily push out software using the “deploy MSI” functionality. We’re still in the process of training our teachers, which we plan to do over the summer now they’ve got some free time, and we hope this will encourage use across our Chromebooks and labs district-wide.

how has Impero Education Pro helped teachers take back control in the classroom?

More and more of our teachers are starting to use Impero Education Pro in the classroom to monitor student activity and ensure they’re focused. For one of our elementary school teachers, Impero Education Pro has helped save them so much time, as they can simply log-on a generic username across all devices with the click of a few buttons – no more coming in on Sundays to set it all up! The teachers particularly love the ability to limit access to the internet, using the allow list, to focus learning. Even when teachers have not restricted web access, they can simply send a message directly to the student to get them back on track.

what are your next steps?

We’re still trying to figure out a few things with Impero, so it was great to talk to the team at ISTE this year. We’re certainly looking at getting on the latest version to allow auto-updates and using the cloud functionality with our school Google accounts. In order to help with student safety, we really want to set up a good system to review the captures. We’re going to set up the email notification functionality for certain keywords and keyword libraries so these are directed and sent to our school counselors to deal will immediately and appropriately.

how would you sum up Impero?

Managing student safety.

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