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Located in Texarkana, AR, Genoa Central School District serves three schools, elementary, middle and Genoa high school. Technology is at the heart of the school district and, with digital resources becoming increasingly commonplace, Genoa CSD strives to utilize free educational resources to make classroom instruction more engaging. To maximize the use of these resources, Genoa CSD needed a solution to control these devices and focus learning in the classroom.


Prior to Impero Education Pro, Genoa CSD was utilizing Smart Synchronise to manage its devices in the classroom. However, this product was later discontinued leaving Genoa CSD without a supported solution for their Windows devices. At this point, the decision to look for an alternative solution was made.


As the recommended pathway from Smart Synchronise, Genoa CSD first heard about Impero Education Pro at a cooperative workshop. After peaking their interest, Genoa CSD had a demonstration and a trial of Impero Education Pro and were impressed with the functionality provided. Soon after Genoa CSD approached the administrative team to get approval to purchase.


When it came to implementing Impero Education Pro across Genoa CSD, the Technology Coordinator described the process as “very easy”. After pushing out the console to all devices, Impero Education Pro was swiftly up and running, ready for use at Genoa CSD.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Genoa Central School District has realized several core benefits, including:

Focussed classrooms – With live thumbnail view, teachers are able to monitor students’ screens easily and at a glance from their own workstation.

Saves time – Using MSI deployment, scheduling on and logging on machines with a few clicks, Impero Education Pro can easily push out programs and software without physically touching each machine.

Creates good digital citizens – The online safety features included in Impero Education Pro help to monitor and detect vulnerable students, where teachers can intervene before a situation escalates further.

Q&A with Cathy Holder, Technology Coordinator & Tammy Harvey, Computer Tech

How does Impero Education Pro make your job easier? 

Impero is much easier, more friendly and the controls are better than anything we use. We’re able to push out programs without having to lay our hands on every computer; we find it a lot easier to use Impero to dish out programs, it’s very user-friendly!

We’ve also been using the online safety features to monitor our students. Although we don’t look at the captures daily, if something catches our eye we’ll call it up, see what’s been captured, whether that be bullying or another online danger, which we’ll then pass onto the relevant teacher or principal to follow up as necessary. For things like suicide, it’s great to be able to capture on that, we can identify vulnerable students and intervene before a situation escalates.

How has Impero Education Pro helped teachers take back control in the classroom?

Teachers have been very excited about using it. Being able to monitor students’ screens, and block or allow specific websites, gives teachers more control to keep students on track more efficiently. Pushing websites and files has also helped the class move swiftly and has really helped utilize technology in the classroom.

How would you describe our support service?

It’s been great, Impero also provides a lot of training and how-to videos that have been very useful.

How would you sum up Impero?

Very user-friendly.

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