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Fox Creek High School


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Impero Education Pro


Part of the South Carolina Public Charter School District, Fox Creek High School is a major provider of secondary education in Edgefield. Striving to empower the whole student experience, Fox Creek High School creates an interconnected learning environment, including digital learning for a demanding college-preparatory education.


Prior to Impero Education Pro, Fox Creek High School utilized AB Tutor to manage devices in the classroom. However, this solution came with its limitations from an IT and classroom management perspective. For the technology department, being able to remotely monitor and restart machines for troubleshooting purposes was essential to remove the physical need to be at the machine. In addition to this, AB Tutor did not allow the ability to take control of the classroom setting and redirect attention. This incapability and the need for teachers to be able to send and receive files drove Fox Creek High School to look for a new solution.


Having used Impero Education Pro in a previous role, the Technology Director was familiar with its capabilities and soon identified that AB Tutor was not as robust as Impero Education Pro. With all of this prior knowledge, the Technology Director knew Impero Education Pro was the right solution for Fox Creek High School and swiftly purchased.


The Technology Director at Fox Creek High School had previous experience setting up Impero Education Pro in over 15 sites in a previous role. Using this prior knowledge, Impero Education Pro was set up and deployed in just an hour.

Key benefits

Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Fox Creek High School has realized a variety of benefits, including:

Enforce disciplinary action – Utilizing the keyword detection functionality, Fox Creek High School can identify students straying off task. After a few warnings, these users can be pulled into a dedicated group within the Impero console, where internet is restricted. A log of student activity can also be downloaded and sent to the administration team for referral purposes.

Real-time monitoring – Alongside keyword detection, live thumbnail monitoring allows Fox Creek High School to easily identify misbehaving students. Teachers can immediately message these individuals to get back on track using the chat functionality.

Maximize learning time – The one-click classroom control tools, such as mass log on, mass power off and lock screen functionality, allows more time for learning as students can begin the task at hand quickly.

Q&A with Joe Holloway, Technology Director

How does Impero Education Pro help streamline your network? 

Oh man, as long as a machine has network access, we’re able to remotely troubleshoot a machine from a technical help desk perspective, it’s absolutely great for that. The inventory component log is also really useful to check on the machine itself. Another feature that helps us streamline our network is the live thumbnail view. We can peek into the classroom and make sure students are on task. For those who aren’t, we can then easily identify what needs to be blocked, find the website URL and block this in our content filter.

How does Impero Education Pro help identify vulnerable students?

The keyword detection not only helps to identify disruptive students, it has helped to identify a few vulnerable students. Having the username is great as if anything is flagged up of concern, we can keep that student on our radar, take a mental note and look through their log and monitor what’s going on as well as what they’ve been searching. Towards the end of last year and beginning of this year, we’ve had a couple of flags for the suicide keyword detection library. I immediately passed these captures over to the school counselor, who sat down and spoke to the students to get them the help they needed.

How would you describe the support team?

It’s great. A member of the team is always quick to get back to us on the phone. They take care of us and let us know what the situation is. It’s such a good turn around for app fixes.

How would you sum up Impero?

Absolutely the best.

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