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Fillmore Central School District

When Fillmore Central School District moved to a 1:1 initiative over 3 years ago, its teachers quickly realized that they were spending at least as much time trying to guide new student devices as they were teaching their students. It wasn’t long before the school looked to find a classroom monitoring and management tool to ease this burden.

Now, Fillmore Central School District in New York is proud to offer every enrolled student an iPad (K-4) or a laptop (5-12) to ensure they learn, grow and succeed during their education. Plus, teachers are relieved to have Impero Education Pro installed on every device so they can focus their time fully on teaching.

We spoke with Betsy Hardy, Director of Educational Technology and Mike Burr, Network Technician at Fillmore Central School District to learn why they chose Impero Education Pro for classroom management, and how Impero has created an effective 1:1 initiative for the district as a whole.

1.Teachers can focus on teaching, not controlling devices

With real-time monitoring and simple, one-click classroom management tools, Impero Education Pro helps teachers at Fillmore Central School District spend more time teaching and collaborating with students.

“Our teachers have loved being able to see what their students are accessing,” said Betsy. “They can easily message the student to ‘get back on track’ which students quickly looked up thinking ‘holy cow’.” Using classroom control tools, Betsy said, “our teachers are pushing out documents, websites and files, giving [teachers] more time to teach.”

2. Solve multiple IT problems at once

One of the biggest benefits for the technology department at Fillmore Central School District is being able to solve IT issues remotely, saving time and resources for their small team.

“We can do everything remotely,” said Mike. “I can sit in my office and work on other things at the same time as solving a technical issue. I don’t physically have to touch the device or even be in the classroom.”

3. Proactive mental health tracking

Impero Education Pro’s keyword detection software helps Fillmore Central School District monitor student mental health proactively and intervene quickly if an incident with a student occurs.

“We’ve already captured 3-4 situations with which we have had to get counselors and the student’s parents involved,” said Betsy. “We have email notifications set up and keep on top of the screenshots and report captured to support student’s mental health.”

In addition, Mike praised his previous interactions with the Impero support team. “Anytime I’ve spoke to them on the phone they’ve got it sorted. The last update was pushed out in half a day.”

Learn how Impero can support your 1:1 initiatives by booking a demonstration below.

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