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Dardanelle School District

Dardanelle Public School District’s outlook on education involves actively connecting its K-12 students with technology to promote positive digital citizenship. This can be a trying, yet incredibly important, task for a rural Arkansan community without adequate, widespread internet infrastructure.

Two years ago, Dardanelle School District’s technical support team found themselves wasting hours of valuable time every day to troubleshoot technology issues in-person across its four school campuses. Knowing it needed a robust remote support tool to replace LanSchool on its desktop labs, the school district switched to Impero Education Pro, which now helps the district manage and support around 3600 devices across all four of its school campuses.

We spoke with Jon-Nathan George, the Network Engineer at Dardanelle School District, about the district’s decision to switch to Impero Education Pro. In addition to the product’s flexibility to easily power remote learning and teaching environments, here are four reasons why the switch to Impero has been a positive one for the district and its students.

1. Easy-to-use, live view of student screens.

Despite having 800 iPads, 800 Windows and 2000 Chromebooks, implementing Impero at Dardanelle School District was easy and painless, and had an immediate benefit to the teachers using it.

“Our staff has only given positive reviews of Impero, and most teachers enjoy being able to easily view student screens to keep an eye on them,” said George. “The teachers like this feature to see, for example, who’s popped up on YouTube when they’re not supposed to be on YouTube.”

2. Saves time.

By managing the school’s network remotely instead of traveling between campuses, Dardanelle School District’s technology team can be much more resourceful with their time.

“I have Impero open all day long at school,” said George. “With the remote management feature, the tech team can get hours of work done in much less time. It takes about 10 minutes to drive between our school campuses, and with Impero I can [now] knock out hours of work without having to drive anywhere. In 5 minutes, I’ve done 30 minutes of work.”

3. Cross-operating system functionality.

Working on Windows, Chrome and iOS, Darndanelle School District has been able to control, manage and monitor all its devices from a single solution.

“Managing the number of devices is one of our biggest challenges,” said George. “That’s how Impero really helps us – it allows us to share responsibilities between specialists and teachers, gets everyone involved and address issues no matter where they’re located.”

4. Allows staff to act faster.

Impero’s robust log features allow administrators to monitor a situation and act quickly if an incident happens.

“We use Impero’s logs more than our firewall logs because Impero goes so much deeper than HTML tracking logs,” said George. “[Impero] shows us when students did something and what websites they visited. That’s been great for tracing incidents.”

In addition, George praised his interaction with the Impero support team. “The few times we’ve had to speak to [the support team] they’ve been great and responsive. It’s great to speak with people who really know the product – and know that service isn’t outsourced.”

Learn more about how Impero works in Arkansas or book a demo below to be walked through how Impero Education Pro can help your district facilitate positive remote learning environments.

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