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Columbia-Brazoria Independent School District provides education to 5 schools covering 225 square miles. Students are of the highest priority, with technology an important resource at Columbia-Brazoria ISD. With 400 PCs and laptops and over 3000 Chromebooks, technology is an important resource at Columbia-Brazoria and is designed to support faculty to focus education in the classroom.


Before Impero Education Pro, Columbia-Brazoria ISD utilized two classroom management solutions, GoGuardian for its Chromebooks and Lanschool for its Window devices. Despite having no major issues with these solutions, Columbia-Brazoria ISD needed a single solution that worked across multiple platforms.


Through browsing the internet and looking at various competitors of GoGuardian, Columbia-Brazoria ISD soon discovered Impero Education Pro, a cross-platform solution working across Windows, Mac, Chrome and iOS designed to manage and control both the classroom and network from one location. Replacing both GoGuardian and Lanschool with one solution, Impero Education Pro was the most logical and cost-effective solution for Columbia-Brazoria ISD.


Described by the Director of Technology as “straightforward”, Impero Education Pro was implemented across Columbia-Brazoria ISD with ease. All that was required was installing the client, setting up the server and Impero Education Pro was ready to use at Columbia-Brazoria ISD.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Columbia-Brazoria Independent School District has realized several core benefits, including:

Saves money – Being a consolidated solution for classroom management, network management and online safety, Impero Education Pro has provided a return on investment by replacing three separate software solutions.

Easily create test environments – Using mimic script functionality, mass log-on and pushing web links, Columbia-Brazoria ISD can easily set up rooms for testing before students arrive.

Greater visibility – Using the log viewer included in Impero Education Pro, Columbia-Brazoria ISD has a full log of what students have accessed on a device including tabs and apps opened and websites visited.

Q&A with Greg Fields, Director of Technology

How does Impero Education Pro make your job easier? 

Impero Education Pro has been very powerful from our end. It does everything from one location and we don’t physically have to go to the computer or devices having issues and can provide remote support, fix the issue, provide permissions and install and deploy software from one location. We were actually using a Bomgar as a remote support tool, however everything we could do in Bomgar we soon found we could do with Impero Education Pro. Essentially Impero Education Pro has saved us money by replacing three software solutions. Using the power management features in Impero Education Pro to schedule shut down of machines has also contributed to our return on investment.

How has Impero Education Pro helped give teachers control in the classroom?

Moving from GoGuardian was a slight learning curve since GoGuardian was simple and not quite as powerful as Impero Education Pro in terms of functionality. Those using Lanschool found the console to be very similar. However, with a user-friendly interface all teachers quickly started using Impero Education Pro actively in the classroom. Teachers often used to request the availability to monitor their students in the classroom; with Impero Education Pro, they can now ensure students are focused and on-task with live thumbnail views – monitoring 20 students before this was difficult. Impero Education Pro uses keyword detection and captures certain keywords, so if anything of concern is captured, we pass this onto the campus administration where appropriate. For one of our teachers, Impero Education Pro has become a necessity, since they are handicapped and can’t get to each student’s desk. With Impero Education Pro, they can log off students, power on machines, reboot, remote control devices and assist students with what they’re doing, all from their desk.

How would you describe our support service?

Very good! Simply email into support and they get back quickly! They give us a call if we have problems and stay on until it’s resolved, however we’ve not had anything support critical.

How would you sum up Impero?

It’s been great!

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