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Made up of 4 elementary schools, a middle school and high school, Ballston Spa Central School District has its own dedicated instructional technology vision and mission derived around ensuring every member of its school community having access to a technology-rich learning environment. With such an emphasis on technology and the use of PCs and Chromebooks through the district, Ballston Spa Central School District needed a solution to manage and monitor these devices effectively.


Over 12 years ago, as technology started being introduced into the classroom more and more, Ballston Spa Central School District needed a device management solution that could not only easily update devices but also monitor them in real-time. During this period, administration understood the power of technology and wanted students to be monitored whilst online. This, alongside the move to 1:1 on Chromebooks, and the need for a flexible network management solution, drove Ballston Spa Central School District to look for some alternatives on the market.


Straight to Google, Ballston Spa Central School District began searching for different products on the market and soon found Impero. Intrigued by the classroom management and remote control capabilities, Ballston Spa Central School District connected with Impero and soon discovered it could monitor student devices without being intrusive to the end user. After piloting the solution across the district, Ballston Spa Central School District became one of the first districts in the North East and New York to adopt Impero.


When it came to implementing Impero Education Pro across the district’s network, the process was described by the Technology Support Services team as “seamless and easy to manage”. The speed at which the software was pushed out was raved about throughout Ballston Spa Central School District.

Key benefits

Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Ballston Spa Central School District has realized several core benefits, including:

Desktop utilization – The network administration tools have helped to not only enhance the existing equipment replacement plan but also to confirm number of devices and locations.

Individual support – Using the remote-control functionality, Ballston Spa Central School District can quickly and easily provide desktop support to an end-user, whether that be teachers, students or admins. The Technology Support Service team can simply remote in, take control and solve the issue at hand.

Focus learning – The classroom management tools can restrict and focus learning by allowing only certain specified websites, blocking the students in the labs from accessing games, VPNs and proxy sites and other things of that nature that distract them from learning.

Q&A with Brian Merchant, IT Coordinator – Technology Support Services

How does Impero Education Pro make your job easier?   

We’re a small IT team with only 5 support personnel and a lot of devices to manage. I don’t know how we’d have survived without Impero, it’s a must-have tool for teachers and our technical staff, I don’t think there’s another product out there that can do all the things Impero does. With the remote control features, we can quickly support the end users; the team used to spend a tremendous amount of time requesting when they could go and fix workstation issues, but now with Impero, we can save time, some wear and tear on our sneakers and remote in, look at the issue and provide support from there.

Impero Education Pro is used extensively by the technology team. For non-traditional applications that don’t offer silent installs and where scripting is complex, we can update computers, multiple devices, even whole buildings at a time. We simply apply the update (even for Microsoft and Adobe) and be on our way, there’s no need to touch each station individually. We often do this 45 minutes before the school day so the computers are ready to use at the beginning of the day, it’s been a wonderful tool for our organization.

How has Impero Education Pro helped focus learning in the classroom?

Having the ability to view computers and keep an eye on what our students are doing and accessing in our labs and libraries without standing over their shoulder is great. Unlike complex web filtering reports, Impero Education Pro is good for producing internet activity reports and provides a much more concise and exact timeline of what students are accessing rather than seeing the referral traffic which can be difficult to explain. It makes it easier for administrators to see when a student is off task and identify what they were accessing online.

How would you describe the support team?

It’s some of the best support we’ve ever dealt with! They’re quick to respond to tickets and working things through to conclusion – this can be challenging in a lot of large companies. Often as companies grow its product portfolios, support can diminish. This has not been the case with Impero, it’s been wonderful.

How would you sum up Impero?

It’s a must-have tool for instruction as well as IT administrators.

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