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using Impero EdLink at home

Often schools and districts will allow students to use school-owned devices at home for specific projects. Whether this is part of a 1:1 program or a borrowing scheme, schools and districts still have a duty of care to ensure that their students are browsing safely at home. Likewise, students will inevitably choose their favored personal mobile device to support their learning, both inside the school environment and to research and access resources essential for homework. How can the safety of students’ mobile device activity in the home environment be supported?

Parents of students who attend an Impero EdLink school or school district are given the option to monitor and control their child’s mobile activity in the home environment. Whether their child is using a school device or a personal device at home, parents can use Impero EdLink to track and monitor online activity, helping to provide a safe and secure browsing environment.

Key benefits

  • Provide a safe and secure online learning environment at home
  • Track and monitor devices, including browsing history, location, and any content accessed
  • Apply screen-time limits to encourage responsible use
  • Block and control access to specific applications and online content