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remote control and support

Would you benefit from faster IT support and remote desktop management software in your school?

As a network grows, so does the level of support required to keep things running smoothly, as students and faculty submit ‘help’ requests and report problems throughout the day. A technology director will often be needed in several places at once and, without a remote support system, will frequently drive between district schools to resolve these problems. Not only is this time consuming, it’s costly too.

Likewise, teachers often encounter similar issues in the digital classroom, finding themselves racing between computers in a bid to keep students focused. Some problems may go overlooked, particularly for reserved students who find it difficult to request help in front of their peers.

Impero Education Pro’s fast remote monitoring and support feature offers the tools required to address these issues. Teachers and IT staff are able to provide assistance, solve technical issues and demonstrate tasks, providing they have been granted with the appropriate administration rights. With instant support to users’ machines, Impero Education Pro’s classroom management software saves valuable time and money. Remote desktop management software enhances the digital learning environment and helps to keep your network ticking over like clockwork.

remote control and support

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