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Are your school or district printing costs getting out of control? Print management software features of Impero Education Pro can help save you money and resource.

Students are often the last to think about the impact of their print requirements – whether that’s in terms of the environment or the costs involved. It’s no surprise that your classroom supply costs are rising. And print and toner costs are on the rise too; all this coupled with print maintenance costs proves why the use of print management software to monitor and manage students’ print usage is vital.

Unmanaged print, of course, incurs the associated financial costs. But then consider the other cost: the cost of the environment. Working towards a greener future, a lower carbon footprint and sustainability is easier said than done. Print management software can make a difference.

Impero Education Pro boasts a clever print management feature to decrease the cost of print for schools and colleges alike. Print credits can be assigned on an individual basis, while restrictions help to enforce better use and curb wasteful behavior.

print management

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