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seamless & remote network management

Impero Education Pro’s network management feature provides IT teams with a comprehensive suite of network administration tools, designed to help streamline networks, improve efficiency, and save time. Managed via a centralized console, Education Pro enables IT staff to remotely track, monitor, and manage resources across the entire school network, even on multiple sites across a whole school district. From power and print management to inventory management, computer usage monitoring, pushing out software updates and endpoint security, Education Pro simplifies countless network management tasks.


fully integrated network monitoring

Fully integrated into the broader Impero Education Pro package, the remote network management and monitoring feature works seamlessly alongside the software’s internet safety and classroom control tools.

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key features


save time

Automating several tasks and processes, including scheduled powering on/off devices, pushing software updates to multiple machines, and general machine and network maintenance, reduces manual processes, saving masses of time for school and district IT teams.

ensure security

Managing access, tracking encrypted or unlisted USBs, preventing and establishing the origin of network threats, and enforcing school-wide policies regarding the use of technology, helps school IT teams to maximize the security of their network.

improve efficiency

A suite of admin tools enables IT teams to manage the network efficiently, streamlining several processes, while the remote control functionality enables technical issues to be resolved across a school or whole school district with ease.

optimize performance

Detailed reports on the state of a school or district's network hardware and identification of resources which require maintenance or need replacing helps to optimize the general performance of the network and devices.

enhance digital learning

Ensuring resources and equipment are functioning correctly across the network through remote monitoring and management reduces disruptive downtime for staff and students alike, contributing to a better digital learning environment.

save money

By controlling print and managing power, the cost of running a busy network can be dramatically reduced. The power management feature alone is responsible for a typical return on investment (ROI) in just 6-8 months.

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