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Do you comply with all your licensing agreements? Impero Education Pro includes leading software license management features to support schools across entire districts.

As schools and districts introduce more and more software solutions to the educational environment, an added strain of managing software licenses becomes ever more apparent. When you have individual licensing agreements to understand, used across departments, applications and users, tracking them becomes a complicated process.

Enforcing the compliance of these licensing agreements is even trickier. This is where Impero Education Pro‘s software license management capabilities can help.

Reports on software licenses are stored in a centralized location, providing fast access to software license records. The ability to create and enforce customizable license thresholds serves to simplify the management process, and managing software at a network level means one license can be shared across multiple devices, reducing overall software spending. And tracking and monitoring the number of licenses apparent on the network, ensues that only the licenses legally required are purchased.

software licence management key features

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