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With CIPA compliance and cyberbullying laws proving a growing concern, the pressure for administrative staff, educators and counselors to stay up-to-date with the language used by young people – and the myriad welfare signs they have a duty of care to spot – increases too.

Impero Education Pro’s inbuilt keyword libraries have been carefully developed in partnership with a number of charities and specialist organizations, including the IWF, SafeBAE, and ANAD. The libraries provide definitions relating to a broad range of internet safety and student welfare issues, from bullying and trolling to grooming, self-harm, sexting and counter-radicalization. All terms are assigned severity ratings designed to help schools and districts respond appropriately and within context of a student’s wider behavior, both online and offline. The keyword libraries are built using Unicode, supporting multiple languages, and schools also have the option to add localized terms if they choose.

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