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30 day free trial – limited time only!

For a limited time only, we’re offering an exclusive 30 day free trial of Impero Education Pro – that’s over double our normal free trial period!

what is Impero Education Pro?

Our flagship solution for schools, Impero Education Pro, combines network management, classroom management and online safety.

State-of-the-art internet safety technology protects students (in line with Ofsted and ISI) and classroom control tools empower teachers to maximise digital learning, while a suite of comprehensive network admin tools help IT teams to streamline networks.

You can find out how other schools are using Impero Education Pro by browsing through some of our case studies.

And if you’d like to request a 30 day free trial of our other products (including our mdm solution Impero EdLink and our online staff training hub Impero iSafeguard), simply select the product you want in the relevant form drop down.

To take advantage of our 30 day free trial, simply complete the form below!

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