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Keyword detection

Keyword detection helps to identify potential student safety risks in schools and colleges.

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Keyword detection for identifying potential risk in schools


How often have you found your students typing a sequence of letters conveying supposed nonsense? Acronyms, abbreviations and slang terms offer a convenient shortcut to informal communication in the online world, but however harmless they may first appear, the reality is that they are often used by young people to hide inappropriate or at-risk behaviour from prying eyes.

Impero EdProtect’s student safety software has been developed in response to the best practice guidelines, providing contextual insight into a student’s online activity. Our safeguarding software uses intelligent algorithms to identify when keywords, phrases, abbreviations or acronyms are typed anywhere on the network and logs the capture in a centralized database as a screenshot or video recording with details of the incident, including the user, the application, the date and time.

Impero works closely with customers to ensure its keyword detection functionality generates a low false positive count.

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